November 9, 2016

Fear – Davo

If you feared
The lack of sincerity
of solidarity
The shear dearth in energy exchanged
between humans
while checking out at the grocery store
in liberal ass northern California
imagine the newfound connection
you now have with so many
you haven’t met yet
because of the subtle distances
great enough for aversion of friendliness
those walls are collapsing
before any others
And hugs greater than or equal to 15 seconds
statistically speaking
the floodgates of bonding together
the levies of compassion
held back now for bureaucratic decades
the dikes of love
have now broke

Fear – Addison Winslow

My love I beg that you do not despair:
Though the garden is closed around us
And God has ordained that we do not sleep,
My love still I beg you do not despair.

My love I must tell you how I am now not sure;
As the hour fumes from the unsettled earth,
Afar it appears to descend from the heavens.
My love smears it our senses and I am now not so sure.

Though the world and we walk only together
And though armies decide they should keep us apart
My love I beg that you do not despair.

A Long Standing Dream – Kate Wright

Fear prompted
to action

Fear – Tracee Sneddon

I live in your heart.
I cook in your belly.
I hide somewhere between
Honey wells and table cloths.
Doubt is my spouse
Confusion is my lover.
I had a child with Sorrow
We named it Anger.
I can save you.
I can kill you.
I am the shepherd's tool.
An insomniac.
An adrenaline junkie.
I kiss the back of your neck
Suck on your goosebumps.
Feed me and I'll feed you.

Unfiltered stream of consciousness at 5:27am – Brandon Hilty

I had an election party tonight. I had a friend who was completely sure that Hillary had it in the bag, and to be fair to her, I was like 75% sure myself. And for the first time this entire election cycle, I also thought it'd be fascinating if Trump won. I sort of wanted to see what would happen if he won. It's been less than 5 hours, and I regret even thinking that.

It's 5:27am. Hillary Rodham Clinton, the most qualified presidential candidate in the last 100 years, conceded the election a few hours ago. To someone I would kick out of my bar without hesitation.

My rational sense shows me how this happened but still, I can't stop asking myself: how did this happen?

I understand who these people are, his voters. I understand the cause and effect. I know that more than half of this country is unconsciously and sometimes even consciously racist, I know why this happened but still somehow it doesn't make sense to me.

Why doesn't it make sense to me. I've studied this for over a year. They said it was going to be close; but they never thought he would actually win. Nobody thought he would actually win.

The Romney campaign in 2012 thought he would win, every single internal poll they had pointed to him winning, but he didn't.

This time they were right.

This makes sense. I get it. He should have won, he should have won the popular and electoral vote, and he got one of those.

But somehow, even someone as cynical as me who doesn't believe in the good of the people or any bullshit like it, I still didn't think this could happen

I've had a lot of reasons to be truly terrified and horrified in my life, this is the most scared I've been.

I get it now and really I have all along.

Once you elect a fascist, whether you know they are or not, a fascist never gives up power

Fear – J Royal D

Step, shuffle, step.
Shiver, sweat, cry, sweat.

We can’t stop here.
It would surely be our death.
So, step, shuffle, step.

Step, shuffle, step
Shutter, cower, cry, cower.

We have to keep going.
There is no shelter here.
So, step, shuffle, step.

Step, shuffle, step.
Choke, swallow, spit, swallow.

Fear may slow us,
But it cannot stop us.
So, step, shuffle, step.

And when you’re ready...

Late – Michael Bone

I'm 'fraid I'm too late
For my big break
I don't believe in fate
Should've started when I was eight
I'll never be great
I'm 'fraid I'm too late.

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