October 26, 2016

The Beyond – Muir Hughes

The fox babes call out to their mother
lawn darkening, an appalling October curfew
light scampers away

She peers out into the black blank when
the dog barks
seeing nothingness

Silver slivers tatter the sky
cutting the earth
opening blooms of ghosts like frost

etched along the window
her face whitens and sags
listening for a distant time

somewhere, a mountain lion prowls
hungry and lean
invisible, cautious

floorboards moan with cold
her pale abandoned feet march
to bed where the ghosts of everything she ever loved
hem the edges of blankets
the will breaks in the quiet
at once, her skin shucked
to join the cult of unseeables

the will breaks in the quiet

The Moment Yuh Die – Evin Wolverton

The moment yuh die
yer mind is a trap door
yer skull is a stormdrain
yer memory, rain

Backward through darkness
wincing and drooling
a drunk in a twister
a trustfall unclaimed

Centuries sucking
yer toehair like tadpoles
spiderweb flossing
the salt from yer eye

Swallow yerself
like the end of an empire
this never happened
the moment yuh die

It Could Happen To You – Piper Josephine

Getting the boot,
Thrown over the cliff,
Hung out to dry,
Being seen on the toilet,
Cleaning the ear before biting it,
Dissolving via eye contact
And knowing smiles.
Go beyond words
And into trust.

The Beyond – Angela Youngblood

The only haunts that exist
Are in my mind,
Echoing through
Folds of grey matter
I return again and again
To my eight year old self
To low with the cows in my Sundays
As they lower your body to earth.

There you are
In every gap toothed smile
Framing my reality
While I try to tie fading
Memories to solid things
Before they lift
And dissipate.

A crown of ivy,
I swear I saw you framed
By the creeping vines in the yard
Taking up a silent vigil.

Kickin The Bucket – Oh Dae-Su

When I'm dead make sure they don't bury me in that shoebox, I don't want that prison for my bones. When I'm a goner don't put me in one of those eco friendly urns, I don't wanna be a fucking tree. When I'm biting the big sleep, tell my mom and pop that I'm sorry I gave up on being somethin special. Sorry for all that money spent on Catholic school, cause Lord knows I won't see no heavenly gate. When I cash in my chips, invite all those assholes who've screwed me over. But not just them. Send in the bastards who robbed me for 60 bucks. Send in that fucker that's always talking shit once I've left the room...Bring everyone.

After all isn't this a party?

When I'm dead burn me on that funeral pyre, rip my heart out and wrap it up in a poem. Make me feel like Percy Shelley.

Senses – Davo

Can’t be seen
If look to gleam
A sight of something else
The eyes do seem
To always preen
each moment perfect wealth

What orbs may change
may yet be strange
but not to one’s own skin
not rearranged
or made estranged
to the senses fine within

I do detect
one may expect
an obvious sensation
cannot correct
the dialect
of waves constant undulation

warm, cool, tickle
vibrate, tense, trickle
the ways it moves across
I’m in a pickle
to make un-fickle
I am no albatross

Yet bob the sea
I am now to be
a driftwood’s garden moss!

Beyond Belonging – D. Gaskill

What lies beyond the edges of the meadows
Infinite worlds formed from echoes and shadows?
Or is it that we're mere silhouettes in the mist
Forming, being, leaving within the echoes' midst?

And what of the winds whispering to the trees,
Bathed in the insights of Platonic allegories?
And what of that interim, before life, and after death
That's not a frozen windshield fogged by shadow's breath?

In this brief time that we hold within our sight,
Aren't we just adrift within a twilight ember's rite?
And if it is so, that there's no end to the rainbow,
Then what's it within us, that's makes us loathe to go?

What lies beyond the edges of the meadows
Infinite worlds formed from echoes and shadows?

The Beyond – Amaris Cardenas

I tried to reason
To get behind the thick of his skull
This aristocrat
He, with an expression of steadfast importance
Urgency burned into the beyond of his eyes
I challenged, not wanting to placate
But he was remarkably long winded
Drawing out his syllables
Telling me it was the right decision
Begging for my time
He was beyond reason, this animal
Until I gave in
If only for my own sanity
Alright cat, I’ll let you out

Nightmare – Megan Godfrey

Stumbling down a poorly lit hallway
The sweet whisper of camomile escaping my room

Cold feet.
The feeling of fall in the air
He tugs on my leg through the crack in the doorway
Shivers down my spine, a hauntingly familar touch

Pulling away, I strengthen my stride
Creaking floor boards and loose nails

Your nails in my ankle, breaking skin
A hunger to escape but to where?
I crawl on my hands, and knees away from his grasp, gasping

Ribbons of blood swirling around me
Beckoning, beckoning, beckoning
I cry out for him, but he isn't there
A nightmare

Dirge – Carly Rose

I have a lot of faith
I have a lot of faith
I have a lot of faith
I have a lot of faith in repetition.

In spells.
In prayers.
Again. Again. Again.

In people.
Again. Again.

In the end, again.

The Beyond – Sean Harrasser

Into that sylvan cathedral
I followed a single beam of light
That strange and silvery spiral which lead
Into a Forest older than any thoughts; as deep as any dreams
Damp, verdant, ancient, quietude
Sometimes the only light at all
Was from that spiral caught in dewdrops
The earthen smell of decay and birth
Devils club defiance
Oxalis suppliance
Amanita vibrancy
Vine maple pageantry
I am swaddled by two roots; my body softly imprinted
Upon a thousand years of fallen photosynthesis.
But fallen does not mean death
For there is nitrogen to be had;
For there is the movement of water;
For there are tiny non-vascular forests;
For there is subterranean gift-giving;
No, the Forest does not share the type of life and death
That we begin and end with such strangely abrupt finality; death by punctuation mark.
We are not the organism
The Forest is the organism
We are born of Earth and Forest
And with so it is that with our return, we may live forever.

The Beyond – Theresa Ragudo

Those stupid ghosts were always in my orbit
Always blocking my escape
Reminding me to be sad, frightened
Scratching at the walls of peaceful sleep
Hiding had never been an option
Playing Dead has been bliss

d noy, eb – Holly Lyon

Just the thought makes the hairs stand up
on the back of my neck, it's like
once my bones froze, they kinda stayed that way.
So you could say,
now I have something to cool me off when it gets hot.
But I still look at shoes the same.

Is this gonna be forever?
My eyes won't go any wider.
Always a stranger, and seekin that North Star
that's gonna help me clear the clouds.
108 worlds in one room,
no wonder I can't remember what I was thinking.
But I can say more than just hello to you.

I've probably been there like a thousand times now;
memories grow up, not old.
Funny how found you are
when you are lost.
1 + 1 totally does equal 3,
and i is the only real number.
No, I don't
know what I want to eat
but I have a lot of ideas.

I never figured out what was behind that door.

N K - Alucina

Gran leaves grandma pennies
You leave her dimes
And me quarters
(I told grandma to leave me 20's)

Your fingerprints infinite
In the koa floors and oil paintings
You still breathe life into this house
We haven't changed much

Grandma uses a keurig now
Easier for one
And she eats her toast like you used to
With peanut butter
I started doing crosswords for a while

I hear your stories
Of showing off that huge check to your old boss
When you ran into him in the elevator
And thanking him for firing you
Of knowing nothing of sex when you and Bettye got married
Of your horse teeth you were so ashamed of
Your 4'11" mother from Norway
Your broken arm she oiled up and pulled on every night until it would move again

Brilliant, renaissance,
goofy, successful, loving
Were I your blood
I'm sure I'd be the better for it
But I still am the better for your love

I keep looking for quarters
Keep sending me quarters
From the beyond

54321 Blast Off – Michael Bone

Beyond the last star
Lies the first star,
Break the loop
It won't

Before the past are
Lawless soup
We don't

Beyond The Concubine – Theresa Desautels

This sour air still tastes fresh to me
I savor its tang whenever we lie.
Brushed steel for teeth, its tendrils drag over me
Cat in the corner, I wish I could hide.
High upon the street lamp
The snow falls in towers.
Its Queendom is effortless, divine.
I’m beyond this world’s damp sorrow,
beyond your wasted hours,
beyond endocrine, rice, and concubine.

Thread of Ariadne – Kate

{if: threads to be woven
then: Threads must be cut
//for mind desires to create itself a tapestry//}

Planets, stars were confused for compasses
compasses were arranged like clocks
circling - the meanest of measures.
Reflection measuring the mean of the day
the difference between a circle and a spiral is
a question of elevation

crystal augmented party tricks,
passing camel through eye of newt
She watches, elegant in her necklace
of tooth and noose.
Lights a candle.

my heart's a Tesla, but
these Bene Gesserit's have
altered the conviction of my love.
a spoil in the well.
I am sick with drink.
buried in dissolution.

every one's a mountain under
eternally arcing heaven.
By wave of her sweeping
Light-brushstrokes crossing hemispheres
she sweeps out day breaths back in moonlight
Beneath her zeniths
Time. seasons carried in her chant.
the rain surrenders to gravity
Gravitates home to ocean womb
River carves impressions
Like a habit into clay of the mind
River, to carry to return the echo
inaudibly bursting from every creatures lung
mother and newborn first cried together
first reflection in the first waters
By first light, Still shining
In all eyes.
As within, so beyond

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