September 14, 2016

Animal Blood — Spinster Jones

Come on
Buy her a drink.
Make the first move.
Kiss her on the lips.
Have another beer even though you never drink beer.
Have a cigarette even though your chest's on fire and your lungs are black and bursting somethin sadistic.
Go on
Listen to that humming in your veins
Animal blood. Ancestral shoulder Angel always watching. Don't be such a pussy.
Short temper, loud mouth, you sound just like your father.
"Can we he hear some poetry please?!"
Jeezus. Try to calm the fuck down. It's just a girl. It's just liquor. It's just another Wednesday night.
Come home with me.
Bite me hard
And make me forget
Bit my lip
And never second guess.
Oh God. I'm driving home alone.
Oh God I'm going to die alone.

Because They Are — Davo

Forests echo with laughter
Breeze trust gale of yesteryear
Ocean flora burgeon indigestion
Of amoral ancestors
Butterflies flutter by kissing these days presents
Kiss them they are holy, who knows why
Because they are
Meet the ground with full force and not flinch
Detect a portal on the other side concomitant
The wind still whispers tacitly over the hills
Ectoplasm arabesque through medium
Only stalwart aegis remain

Instinct — Vija Hodosy

nothing more than knowing
deep down
that there's always feces in your Big Mac-
and all parchments with strangers.

Instinct — Hilary Tellesen

He lied. He was the sweetest little liar I’ve ever known.
He ate all of his dinner, every bite. He thanked me.
This was my favorite. He still says this to me.
I call him my favorite. And it is true.

I would find little things around the house,
granola bar wrappers behind the couch,
juice boxes under the coffee table.
I said, you can eat anything here.
He said, Hayes did it. He said, Marie did it.
He said, I don’t know who did it.

I also found shit smeared toilet paper wadded up,
little blossoms in the drawers of the bathroom,
under the sink, near the pipes.
You can flush twice, I said.
I wanted to, as gently as possible, say I am fine. You’re fine.
It’s okay.

We teetered back and forth like that, finding our way together.
I am glad he didn’t leave me.

Instinct — Justin Godrey

Stand and stare
that thought it's a fucking tiger.
I know where you have come from
but how is it you follow me now?

Peekaboo — Minim

Touch me with your lovely bones.
Wrap me in your unused dress.
Find me in your pocket.
Instinctual caress.

Find me in your rusted throne.
See me play chess.
You are only a pawn.
Instinctual guide.

Address the North in falsetto.
Correct the product's direction.
Don't look down.
Instinctual erection.

The Last Laugh — Amaris Cardenas

I instinctually kill spiders
Though quickly feel a pang
As a leg curls and they turn to hug their tiny spider frame
With a flick out the window I remorsefully say
“You didn’t deserve that, and I’m sorry you couldn’t live another day”
Fellow killers, remember, the soul is always saved
For the buzz of a fly is the laugh of a spider
From its tiny spider grave

Instinct — Jacob Whispering Walrus Witter

Instinct is the bridge between what what we feel and what we think.
The last trace of a missing link.
The first taste of your laced drink.
It's fight or flight of the soul
Keeping you in control
Reflex of your mind
To help you unwind
The mystery
Of your own history.
Without a spark in the dark
How do you know you've reached the brink?
That's a little thing we like to call instinct.

Trust Your Gut — Theresa Desautels

Instinct told me,
To say "yes"
To that super burrito.
My calendar reminded me,
I have a date tonight.

Who's driving this meat rocket?

aduu - Phil Anker

Not taught
Not tamed
Not barred by thought
Not hobbled
Nor lame
Or forced in knots
Not put to words
Not phoneticized
Not paragraphed
Nor analyzed
For structure
Or fallacy
Or properly cited sources
But left alone
Like horses
On sage-strewn steppes

Daily Imperatives — Evin Wolverton

— piss through second story screen window.
— abolish leafblowers. murder non-adherants.
— shoot blood from ears. melt operator's skull. one star review.
— download six terabytes of walrus scream mp3s.
— auto-responder: "fuck you / pay me / play with my hair."
— carpetbomb basement bar with personal phermones.
— suffocate under ass-model pileup.
— launch sedan through Denny's lobby, 207mph.
— get dickstruck by lightening. fart out weakness. resurrect.
— pet dog.


sensed your breathless presence
and disturbed your idle hour

cocksure that
I can handle this small addition
to my karmic debt
little lanky silent nameless
web weaving wallflower
I perceived a threat.

swept you from your existence
when all I wanted
was to sweep you from my mind

is it so?
this is the most
violence I am allowed
so I take what I can get
when no one is watching

this is the last
needless killing
this is the last

cocksure of
evolutionary clout
nothing forbidden
to the

some small disturbance
in the reflection

I can choose
I can think
I can act
my way out

I grab.
and slip,
am sorry.

you are part
of my web
of patterns

Instinct — Michael Bone

Rickety dink,
Blinkity blink.
Shot the poor boy
On an instinct.

Instinct — Sarah Pape

It arrived before me
when the car toppled,

shoulders, hips, bent
into the future pain

I’d know before waking
ten years later. Hours

before, instinct
groveled for more

coke and kisses stolen
in the dank hallway.

Hunger is mistaken,
come by naturally,

when seeking anything
else rotten to love.

We climbed out high,
a new reflex unmaking

the want that goes
beyond safety, beyond

the corner he took
fast and raging, death

closer since. We earn
happiness later, harnessed

to the earth by inches,
a rope gathered loosely.

Instinct — Angela Youngblood

Heat from the street
I felt your gaze
Through sunglasses,
Cool as flannel
Hat pulled tight
Around your head,
Too close.

Stranger danger.

Flesh pricklings.

I thought I knew you.

Feel it in the gut--
Spilling out as effigy
Three years too late
For a funeral.

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