#40 CUTE

May 30, 2018


Marbled Markets – Kate Wright

Husband passed
Living on a cruise ship
cheaper than assisted living
Drinking gambling concerts food
Cleaning, hospitals, pool, spa,

Marbled murrelets,
Endangered, lovely
Bird call sweet as a flute
Call out across the ocean to find each other
Dive down together in search of food
Resurface separated,
Nest in old growth forests,
Mate for life

Old ladies
Rent the boat for 6 hours
$2000 dollars,
Sneak booze aboard
Looking for marbled murrelets
To listen to their call

Cute – Tj Belfiore

when you're feeling cute,
my once-a-week lover,
the trains studder,
my sophomore romance,
and wrung by wrung,
while in your arms,
or while in your heart,
i'd choose the ladder.

Cute – Hilary Tellesen

My dog is in love with my cat
They get a lot of likes
The pussy likes that golden lick

When I have the time to notice
I share
I share
I share
These simple, regular moments
It’s this bizarre, noble responsibility
To you

Childhood taught me about enemies—
“you don’t belong together.”
Why must I chase the cat?
defies convention

Rest your head right here, brother,
I have nowhere else to be.

I get to see these precious moments
And I know just where to put them
At your feet, you cute, hopeless motherfuckers.

Watch them come together and fall in love,
Again and again and again
One who bounds off the fence
because she can.
The other waiting in the yard
for the inevitable return.

Disillusioned – Rachel Myles

a summers worth of smoked cigarettes
that's what did me in
you can't wake up pretty forever
it was all a social farce and
it don't matter if it cant get you anything but a shitty consolation prize
besides that shit fades fast
and your not too anything to die
but the verdict is still out
they say if you're enough
you'll never have to be alone
you can always crawl into bed with strangers
let's fuck so I don't have to wake up by myself
you're tired
I'm run through
and it isn't cute anymore

Kali – Tim Goodwin

Eyes are drawn
to her like graffiti
on a summer billboard,
the beautiful blight

plucking at the heart
strings, one by one
until they break, twang
ringing in ears. Hear

her wail, the siren
banshee luring the weak
down the alley, finally
ready to meet God, not

knowing she was Beelzebub:
The wolf in sheep's clothing,
cute until she shows her teeth,
sweet until the claws come out.

Apex predator in a concrete jungle
following her hierarchy of needs;
she would bite from the fruit of knowledge
if she thought she could grow a tree

from the seeds in her stomach, but
there is only a hole where her womb
should be and a dagger where her
heart should be, pumping steel

through her veins. She didn't
ask for this, she didn't want
to grow up to be a monster,
but no one tells you when

you're a kid that your dreams
won't come true: You'll see them
dashed across the sidewalk, beaten
to a bloody pulp. No one tells you

that demons don't have horns
or tails, that they walk among us
in tailored suits. No one tells
you that the writing on the wall

is really just graffiti
on a summer billboard,
the beautiful blight

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