February 15, 2018


Desire – Levi Miners

I see you
Spinning with a smile
Lighting up the room,
My heart stands still

I walked a lonely road to get here.
Standing in the semi-dark
We make eye contact,
And I forget to smile

My hands sweat so I
Wipe them quickly on my pants
And when you approach
I pretend, "happy to see you, friend!"
inside I'm writhing for your touch.

When you hug me
My arms almost refuse to let go
I want to hold you over and over
Crushing you into my chest

I smell the shampoo you use
And that scent your own.
My heart bangs so hard
I worry you'll hear it betraying me.

When I let you go
My knees want to give up as I
stutter and try to make small talk
Holding your attention
Hoping to keep you another moment.

The song ends.
I watch you walk away again.
I'm lost in this drowning sensation
Desire has left me feeling empty.

CoNtEnTmEnT – Douglas Hargrove

There is nothing new
I’ve done everything
tried everything
except for being in that place
that place of perfect contentment
where there is nothing I desire
except for you

Untitled – Tracee Sneddon

In these lonely days the soul grows tired
Laying lazily, reaching out to the cloudy galaxy
It envy’s old memories beside the fire
Playing dangerously between reality and fantasy
Where every fiber thrives itchy with desire
Dancing heavily upon obscurity’s quagmire

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