December 6, 2017


How To Be A Goldfish – Marta Shaffer

Fill your time. Relays with
yourself, hand your baton
off to no one.

Food falls from the sky. Take it
for granted.
Gorge. Glug.

Gloss over memory exercises:
That fish in the glass,
Who is that fish. Who is that fish.

Don't forget that you have a castle
all to yourself.
Don't forget to glow, to float.

Creation Story – Natalie Francesca Windt

This is an account of Heaven & Earth
Drawn from the mouth of a beast.
Of the ground we were formed
Particles-- marrow, stardust & sand.
We are time.
Dripping grains through glass.
Swept up by some celestial hand
in seven days or less.

Molded from his wax & cast
We became
Animated gooseflesh
We became
Howling from the inside, out.
To roaming times of sidewalks, city streets
In search of roots. Of origin.
Call it animal
Call it mineral
Call it man.

Rib-caged & carrying
Pouches of air, long ago passed down
Into lung, from someone.
We’re aimless, curious--
How do we empty it,
And how do we feel
The sensation of a soul?

Animal – Michael Bone

My first death, at five
Spike, our dog
Hit by a car.
Next was Matt.
Car crash.
Nana was old.
Uncle overweight.
Jim was an addict.
There were a others
I almost forgot...
But death is a dark music
You remember when you hear it

An Email — Izeck Hempseed

Hip ole pot a must
Gyre raft in the bath
Womb at?
Cock her span, kneel on the mat
Rye, no, sour dough please
Bs, no, chicks a Ds
Elle, a Fanta fan
Grizzled bare hair man
Pole, her bare butt van
East ridge by the band
Lie on this, lie ‘bout that
Hit the ball, where the B at?
To and fro, G away
Moss quit tho, he’s on his way
Ze bra is on my bare flat chest
May caw you on the way, it’s best
Leo partied really hard
Rain, dear, it’s good for chard
Wail away at the pain
Bono bowed as he was chained
To add and subtract
High enough to go back
44th VP on the track
Doll finds a doll house
Jelly fetched a wee mouse
Go real, ya?
Eel gull, meant to fool ya
Pan ta da face
The human’s a race?
Ale in the outerspace

Animal – Ratton

Call animal control
The kiddies born in captivity
are feral now.
I see them escaping the Zoo
stampedes are heading to the bear
and over to the Winchester Goose.
Flocks of freshman
are traveling in groups.
To the heart of college town
And into the crazy horse,
don't forget your cowboy boots.
Meanwhile, the barflies drink like fish,
and the stool pigeons
keep it on the downlo.
Pool sharks are circling the table
at the whispering clam,
beware the black widows and
one trick ponies,
they're all looking for a
lion's share.
The slick predators play at night,
they watch like hawks
and there's no weaseling out.
Keep your wits about you and
let sleeping dogs

#34 – Alucina

Another fight
Night two in ten //
Instinct steps in before
More pain can be
Allowed //
Leaving us alone again

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