November 15th, 2017


Wow, Whoops, Shoot, Yikes, Fuck – Jonny Eureka

Wow, we get along so well.
Wow, you make me feel so comfortable.
Wow, I finally found a friend who breaks me out of my shell.
I want more.

Whoops, you kissed me and I kissed you back.
Whoops, our underpants are under our knees and under attack.
Whoops, we spent a weekend and two weeks running down these tracks.
I want you.

Shoot, now you’re always on my mind.
Shoot, now I’m making mix-tapes in my spare time.
Shoot, now I don’t know where I stand because both of us are blind.
I want this.

Yikes, I fell in love again.
Yikes, I don’t know how to go back to being just friends.
Yikes, I’m afraid that all of this will end (like it always does).
I don’t want that.

What do you want?

Flight – Arnold Snarb

self-love means
getting out of bed in the morning

sometimes self-love
finding hard answers to
easy questions and

sometimes self-
love means throwing shit
at the ground
to see what will miss

Ike’s Yikes — Izeck

Shockingly funny
Shit that is runny
Words that are punny
Bugs© is a bunny????!!

Green Eggs and Ham©
Boom and a bam
Fuck Uncle Sam
Spray it with Pam©

Jungle juice slammin’
Girls go out glammin’
Son of the Sam, in
Dead Marley jammin’

Rat in the ranks
Smokin’ the danks
Starin’ down tanks
Sayin’ “No Thanks”

Rabbit done run
Shootin’ the gun
Ain’t havin’ fun
Pardon the pun

Freaky Friday
Manic Monday
Sluggy Sundae
Nah, it’s just Field Day

Winnin’ the fight
Takin’ a flight
Havin’ a fright
All said like “Fwight”

Playin’ the Doom©
Feelin’ the gloom
Pushin’ the broom
Pushin’ the bloom

Alcohol’n worm
Just a’little squirm
Stuck on a berm
Forgettin’ a term

Dick in a Box©
Lost to Black Sox
Gettin’ the pox
Salmon is Lox

Crackin’ a Pez
Wearin’ a Fez
Jorge Lopez
Lizzy the Lez

I’m goin’ to bed
Good for the head
Seeing the red
Don’t wanna be dead

Yikes – Levi Miners

Hurtling down
My skin seems to be melting
My tormented bones expose

How lost i am.
Stumbling and blind
I fall in darkness

My soul fans the flames
Unbearable heat, I can't breathe
My choices have overwhelmed.

Let me fall into the cool waters
And quench this pyre-
My solace in your arms.

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