October 18th, 2017


Nonsense – Tracee Sneddon

It always starts the same.
Dingy hallway leading outside.
Paused waterfall of noodles dangling over the edge
A distorted harp dipped in spicy broth.
Swollen bead of sweat silently sliding
Catching the sun in a quick wink.
Vomiting blood into the clean bathroom sink,
That distinct film of lingering iron rich in the mouth.
Theres a spider hanging, swing back and forth.
Every time i try to jump past it grabs me.
Have to stop to lay back in the itchy grass
Shake the fist sized gnats out of pregnant thighs.
Long, dark canyon road ending with a fatal crash.
Soggy socks with cold lips and a burst blood vessel.
A grimy clown watches, winding, waiting for you to pass.
You know a tickle is coming, you just try to ignore it.
It always hugs me for a moment or two
Im never sure if I'll get free but it lets go and I step outside.

Stream Of Consciousness – Michael Bone

I'll tell you big time
One to three / big jump no rest
Mind / business / I like everything
Passion project goes stale
Again again
No time no more
One more
How how how how how how

To Justify – Muir Hughes

I hear the blue plastic cup skitter across the asphalt
before it jags into my peripheral vision
the wind is erratic and I wait
each sound emphatic and demanding
I wait for the girl
that has spent the last four hours of her life
testing in the art of nonsense
there are grand proclamations in the justification
of an educational system
it makes money
the students make the system so much money
by learning complacency
the deep blue blurs in front of me
hair abrading my eyeballs
her mind is smarter than the system
she knows what barefoot is like
she knows how to soothe babies
and write poetry that will break your heart
she's a soul looker
my deep watery love
the room of false light is bullshit
blandness seething through corporate equipment
sunlight bounces off soft trimmed blades of grass
I wait for the girl
the wind toying with the cup like a cat
it's achingly beautiful somehow
the impossible living in inanimate objects
the light high bell like ringing as it moves
a song even in the detritus
that craves freedom

8-Bit Warsaw – Evin Wolverton

Smee slop legpool eight-bit Warsaw
blarney blueballs burnt magpie caw
clap xylophone bone spat tenfold foam
squawk “doo-whop-a-doo.”

McMegaphone sizzleback aviator stump
black pigjaw Woolworth methadone drum
ripe wig rip blitzkrieg tongue-stomp Tums
bake vertigo genital moth.

blimp wheezy knee basketball rapture?
slag bungee bee fratricide caster?
pragmatic fag Alamo blaster?

eponymous Warseer, eat.

A Letter To One Who Forgot Me – Minim

Cleanse the palate
Lose the taste

Lose the hair
Pass the salt

Warm the glass
Two's a charm

Hope to speak
Set alarm

Meet the boy
Cold as ice

Hope to see
Friendly eyes

See you on
The other side of this nonsense

Huh #452 — zeck

“Nonsense”, said VP Pence
as he saw an alligator crawling through the vents.

“What sense?”, said the Omnipotence
asking something that it knows and it’s not on the fence.

“More cents”, said the man looking dense
needing to make ends meet so he can pay the rents.

“None since”, sign at the conference
explains how many and duration-when to all the gents.

“Just rinse”, it’s always common sense
as you’re not a regal reference for some smelly scents.

“Obsolescence”, said the maintenance woman with a license
about fluoride for teeth and not for fluorescence.

“Inheritance”, said the proud parents
Never gotta pay it back cause you went to Easters and Lents.

“Hence”, feeling kinda tense
Telling someone they better go back to from where they whence.

“Importance”, as opposed to ambivalence
ramble on and on and on for too many a sentence.

No Sense – Carly Rose

On the corner of my mouth and first avenue there's a pair of sloping shoulders and sinuous arms curving up to a wet tongue reaching to lap at the sticky red juice from behind my shuttered eyesores. The pupils weren't ready for a lack of light. It was a race and I was outstripped. Flayed alive. Now the aperture is sensitive. Ready to snap. Jumbled images flash by with unsteady feet delivering dead letters to my overflowing mailbox. I can't recieve them right now. I'm not home, I'm out for blood. I'm busy trying to put out the cigarette burn on my raw meat and drown my sorrows in a shallow pool of vomit. Leave me a note I'll be back at one and you can wipe the spit from your sneering smile on the back of your hand with a compliment. Save it for your priest I don't absolve of your sins. Burn with them.

Nonsense – Dori Moura

“Nonsense,” she purred as they ogled her hair
Tried not to stare
Turned from the glare
Would’ve done anything not to be there
“What is this nonsense and why should I care?”

All of the beautiful ones are aware
Serving their fare
Getting their share
Breathing the nonsense as much as they dare
Wondering whose set of bones to lay bare

Look at us up on a throne made of air
Me debonnaire
She something rare
Nattering “nonsense” we make quite a pair
Carefully crafting our own savoir-faire

Nonsense – Natalie Francesca Windt

It's not an absolute, but I have
been toying with the idea of truths, as
a game. A pliable cat’s cradle of string theories
I wrap around my fingertips.

Woven in & out, around my senses
I try unwrapping little mysteries of life.
"See how it all ties together?"
Yet the slip of a digit & no longer can we grasp.

Frayed messages get lost in the yarn of obtuse
communication. I could sit here
sewing, darning & damning everyone
for the balderdash, for the brazenness.

This only because I’ve had to learn
the universe doesn’t owe me
an explanation.

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