October 5th, 2017


boc choyce in our garden — Laura Austin

when the wise owl
or the cunning wolf
come a'knockin at our door
we will be
generous and welcoming

when books fall off the shelf
the milk sours, a friend dies
we will grieve accordingly
and celebrate all life

I propose
we stay a while
get busy
making ten little piggies
and a home,
safe and warm,
to come running to
after market

I propose
we stay a while
spinning yarn
light years long
until all stars
die and are reborn
and we have left
only our tapestry of song,
offering for sky and earth
a story
worthy of being rewritten
again and again
each night

A Proposal – Natalie Francesca Windt

This is just a suggestion.

Be it public, private,
be it down on bended knee.
This is just a plea.
This is me suggesting, in my all
impassioned way that we not marry
any ideas or beliefs.

I reject all statements bled in ink.
Poorly written documents
which do not make for truth.
And I need proof.
I cannot accept that which
brings me to my knees.

Un-Proposal – Theresa Ragudo

Slipped into a green dress
while his smile flashed red warning
Chose the road wearing the
unwavering Dead End sign
Nails intact, glue fixed
Hurricane resistant unlike my feelings
Unlike my heart

Disposable proposals – zeck

Proposal at our disposal
Proposed and disposed
Thumb has been nosed
Nose has been dosed
Rose and exposed
Tulips that have closed
Ears to get Bose’d™
Eyes pick what’s chosed
Always get hosed
Ranted, raved and roved
Cranky crap crowed
Loved and loathed
Sound and sowed
Bread was loaved
Line forgoed
Lo, Fo Sho
Legs that bowed
Goats to goad
Load to load
Garden got hoed
Yeah, like you knowed
Yeah, in brain node
Boat just got rowed
Garden finally growed
Bomb done explode’
Road that we rode
Blow that you blowed
Found treasure trove
Drive that I drove
Cave on the cove
Pie à la mode
Give me the code
Beach to erode
These were all no’ed

Too Late – Icky

The greyhound at duffys
orders two shots of Jamie,
hoping to get lucky
with that fragile 20 something.
Main street's mumbling
A song I've heard
A million times,
It goes like:
White SUVs bought by
White daddy's
For college babies screaming
Future metro boomin.
The same old homeless couple
Pawning off glassware on the sidewalk,
Try to sell the smile
they gave me last week.

Somewhere in the parking lot
A woman cries softly
on her fresh bruise.
No one waits
in the dark
For no reason.
Proposals and schemes,
Met with fuckboys
Who make wet dreams
Out of Rohypnol and Rum.
Some kids are joyriding
out in the avenues
With knives and guns.
Run, run, run.
They wanna shoot you
for losing your mind.
They wanna rob you blind.
They wanna tell you it's all within
But then why am I crying
on the stoop
Of 923 w. 4th avenue?

Peace to Desmond Phillips
Peace to Travis Robertson
Peace for your piece of mind.

Tomorrow we'll be back to fighting
over the same old shit
And no one will learn anything this time.

A Proposal – Mim. Ology

Take me by my hand
Feel the pulse in my fingers
The coursing of my blood
Through artery, vein, and capillary
Providing warmth and proof of life
Feel the texture of my hand’s skin
Smooth surface, broken with hair and line
The rough and chewed-on cuticles
Experience etched in scars and calluses
Feel the gracile bones beneath
Bringing forth images of my decay
Evidence of my place in evolution
Equal to yours, indubitably
Feel the pressure of my grip
Muscle and sinew coordinating
Thought and feeling manifest
Delivery of my being

Know that in this moment
We are equal, the same
No difference in our worry
No difference in our fear
Circumstances unique, granted
Forgive me, if you will
As I do you; we forget
But we can remember too
And move forward anew

I Never — Sanchez

She looked at him from across the table,
unbearably awkward...almost aghast.
"I don't know what to say.
All of these years and I never knew."
He pondered what she could
what she had heard him say.
She was wearing the same outfit
she wore to every date they planned
on making love:
Blue sundress, cowboy boots, hair in a bun, gold necklace with locket, and her beautiful smile smile.
"I never loved you babe.
I never have."
She didn't understand why it took so damn long for him to say
"What a coward." she thought.
She got up slowly, and drifted to the
bedroom, sneaking glass covered
glances over her shoulder.
Sitting on the bed, just peering through the door, one eye showing to his view at
the kitchen table.
"Well?" She asked
"Are you coming to bed?"
He got up, walked over
to the door, put his head against
The frame with a rain colored face.
"I never left babe.
And I Don't think I ever will."

Kiss You – Evin Wolverton

with lips to part
the damp unknown
lemme kiss you in
your diaper zone

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