September 6th, 2017


If I Were Brave – Evin Wolverton

If I were brave, I wouldn't keep words
like bags of rice under floorboards
of mountaintop temples.

I would split them open, fry their bodies
roll them off rooftops
like carrion, like rain.

Someday is sacrilege.
Words are for mouths, not minds,
and there is no greater pity
than a rotting meal.

If I were brave, I'd break them all:
the bags, the boards, the windows, the bell,
til the temple was heaving with
the froth of hungry bears.

The Mini Brave – Hilary Tellesen

I said out loud, to no one in particular, "that's beautiful"
I hit snooze and then got out of bed
I left the macaroni out and ate some
first thing in the morning
I have one key to my car
I drive a minivan
I didn't shave or shower and he went down
He loved it
bit the too big sushi roll
I swallowed
I begged to swallow
I said yes a thousand times
I said I have to go
I raised my hands to the sun

No one asked but they watched
I loved them
I thanked them
I didn't fuck them
(some I did)

I bowed before an audience of stars
They showed me
how the sun hid there
in defiance of the night
I came home
made my bed over me,
the sheets like an ocean
the waves a thinly-veiled mediocrity
I make art of the pain
and lust for every beauty

Tomorrow I'll go again
and the world will lay herself down
She knows how to do it
As brave as the sun and simple as the moon
I will look for my key to turn her on
I will go up and up and up
Until it all explodes

Brave – Natalie Windt

I’m so bold for the little things
That I can do each day.
I am so daring as to breath.
I am the hero of my kitchen sink.
I am the Queen of Showering by Noon.
I’ve surmounted these mundane tasks
once baptized in the name of fear,
and it’s inspiring.
Because it can be just getting out of bed to face
The pretty terror of uncertainty.

I am brave, and I earned the gold medal
in 'the Courage to be Me.'

No Thank You - Sanchez

My body and mind feel as though
they don’t have
the will to hack it in this
bullshit world.

This unfortunate chance meeting
keeps them bound by fate
as we traverse the cosmos together;
the misguided travelers in this body
we call “me.”

Looking into the souls of those who are
and suffering to do the right thing
I wonder what makes me so damn special?

Why do I feel the need to escape,
to not be here,
and not give back what I owe?

Because I do owe something.

But I am not who I say I am,
who I think I am,
or what others think of me.

I am a coward and I am less than
And that is why I lift my head
and give what I have left.

Is that what they’re selling as “courage”
and “bravery” these days?


Questioning Bravery – Izeck

Is it brave to behave?
Is it brave not to shave?
Are you brave in a grave?
Are the Braves™ really brave?
Is it brave to be bathed?
Is it brave a bathe was gave?
Is it brave to do what the gays’ve?
Is it brave to attend a rave?
Is Famous Dave’s™ Dave™ brave?
Is he really famous?
Is it brave to pronouce have like brave?
Is your fave, brave?
What make a brave human brave?
Is it brave to use a lathe?
WIll we ever save the brave?
For some, it’s brave to venture in a cave.
Bravely praying in the nave.
Skimming bravely on the wave.
See the brave being paved.
Brave mavens on parade.
Lave your hands to touch the brave.
Dansk stomach, concave.
Sometimes brave if you forgave.
Brave Eve: naive, above luv.

Brave – Michael Bone

When the cat drags in doubt
The daughter scares it out
Then mother lifts the stain
And father lets it in again

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