Wednesday, July 26 2017


Victory – Muir Hughes

it's a small thing
the victory in the pulse

we are ill designed for sleeping
with a writhing ticker, nocturnal, viciously
playful with our threaded dendrites

this is not meant for the weary

don't believe in who you think you are
you aren't

heroes and thieves live in your veins
be not deceived by the stories machines tell
they are liars

the night cloaks you like a barren island
the clock blinks
you almost believe that there's no point to any of it
but for this you are stupid

small victories line your skin vessel
you live in a lush jungle
you are a lion

you breathe
you are brilliant
you are alive
vicissitude blooms in your chest
approach with all your weapons

battles will rage
pretend obsolescence to yourself
and you shall wither

is that what you want?

pick up your fucking sword
dawn is cresting
and it's beautiful

Waterloo – Avo Woovy

The blades came out clean
Wound was a crater
Sterile like steel
A quiet move, a breath

Matches were lit
As an Olympian torch
Flames pressed to lips
Words of ash and smoke

Lion's roar in our ears
We wept in our hands
Tears hot on green leaves
Green smoke in cigarettes

Gold morning
God's plan

A half sunrise on the horizon
Rays a stream burning in eyes

Truth and light
God's plan

We cry victorious
We cry champion
We cry prey
We cry wolf

We cry victorious
We cry

At what cost
for bodies
for blood
For love to never leave
The hollow body that craves

Now the body craves
Wishing for different cards
On different coins
In youthful fountains

And for dark to break
Night to cover my bed
My lids heavy from battle
They close, no victory
No defeat

Victory – Danielle Manning

The creeping silence
Of your absence

Those moments suddenly
No longer filled
By ghosts long past


A reflection
Suddenly recognizable

The slow return
Of pleasures
Long forgotten

Like sunlight peaking through
Dense foliage

Blooming optimism

Roots suddenly deep
And strong
But, tested

A victory never desired
But, with fruits sweetened
By drought

The Dichotomy Of Competition – Izeck Free-World Hempseed

There’s victory in not competing
You always win if life is your team
If you can’t win, you can’t lose
There can be no best if you’re always improving
There can be no best if you’re always decomposing
You’re not a loser if you don’t believe in winning
Life and living are victories in and of themselves
Death and dying are victories in and of themselves
Defeat only happens in the play you have inside your mind
No one sees it and no one cares
They just want you to be happy
If you act competitive, are you actually competitive, or only acting?
If you KO someone in a fight, are you just reacting?
Sports, wars, hobbies, games
Warts, scars, lobbies, pains
What’s that song?
Singing in the Rain?
I’m laughing at clouds so dark up above
Aiming at nukes with the sign of a dove
Time and space cannot be conquered
Light a spliff and just play Conker’s
Or your brain will just go bonkers
When you learn about the bankers
Or Iraq “victory” for the coffers
While the presidents become better golfers
And Hooters girls wear spaghetti halters
Hall O’ famers, now no brainers
Lottery winning bankrupters
Game show hosts
Can’t name the most
Ghosts that take notes
Boats on the ropes
I cannot win, I cannot lose
I’ll tell you what, I will not choose
Life and living is not a game
Fame, flame, bane, insane
The dichotomy is stress, it’s one in the same

Victory – Natalie Windt

There is little to be said for the
mounting bodies; spoils of a war
of words. Tongues lash, leaving
scourges upon the backs of men.

They build thrones and pile bones
their heels dig firmly in the dirt
from each respective view.
It leaves the Earth salted with misery.

Sweat, spit, tears, all collect
to prove who is right, who is wrong
maybe gained- freedom
maybe lost- dignity.

And the corpses push up white flags
of surrender. I’m plucking them
to pull apart, and salute their
lives upon the wind.

Casualties of a war,
I think it shows how much we get
from every little victory.

Absence – Douglas Hargrove

In the end we all failed
in the end we are all just Stardust and Hope
The fate to be had
Is not ours
No quaint little bow
To tie this atrocious indifferent existence together with
to end it all seamlessly
Do you really believe that we just float off into the ethers
Could you really be living just for that?
Enjoy the small things
Enjoy the fact that out of all of those souls that could have made it here
You survived
Survival is in its own right a failure
Sometimes surviving is the worst thing you can do
Sometimes I think that God has abandoned is
And there is no victory to be had

Victory – Katrina Djberof

Vice grips force and or just gripped
Internalizing matching internal to external
Constructs, recognition, breakdown or breakthrough
Triggers mirror us - smoke screen or Aces
Ornery textures give, becoming supple and sensuous in surrendering trust
Righteous rage from this vista, the thunderbeings of my soul
You and me are we in this Monsoon Season of Victory

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