#25 DARE

June 28, 2017

Dare – Cat Zettner

Where we lay our three bodies in moonlight on white carpet
neighboring markers that your kid and I used
coloring your belly, back, arms, calves, and face
your hairy belly
your hairy hands, his purple exhale
nothing need dare us stay.

Dare – Avo Woovs

Double dog

Taunting at first, distant
It was wrapped in my bed sheets
It bit at my toes

It spoke up, steady

Barking in eardrums
Tangled, in my bedroom corner
In my dirty clothes

Casting whispers
Hexes, dark shadows
Now every move syrup slow

I want to say no

'The moths will eat you'
'You've been asleep here for days'
'Look at these plates,
Stacked, taking your place'
'Get out, show your face'

It was a call from the other room
A song of saccharine whistled
Mild and convincing
Coming deep from the throat

Never mentioned what it took
Never mentioned where it laid

I always found it in the same place
I always found it the same way

Daring me to move
To see the sun
Not to follow any pot
or for steal any gold

Not now, I won't take its bet

What was it worth?

Wasn't worth the ashtray
Wasn't worth the weed
Or any of things that filled my veins

They all felt the same to either way

I could hear the Huck Finn smirk crack across it's face,

The paint already wet
The chips already set
Check, check

'I double dog dare ya, you'll stay there yet'

Teacher – Danielle Manning

I dared you to say those three words
And mean them

I dared you not to say those three words
Without meaning

I uttered those three words
Before I even knew
I meant them

I dared to wait
For you
For those words

But when they reached me
I no longer needed them

Prerogative – Evin Wolverton

Dick Cheney
Lynne Chenney
fuckin' in the ball pit
Chuck-E-Cheese Cheneys

King Nevin – Oh Dae Su

Do I dare
disturb the universe
on this quiet night in June?
I'm lying in bed beside my toil and streams
with my feet peaking
from under the sheets.
My head is in the ceiling fan rolling
Spinning wild.
Why is youth wasted on the young?
Why does skin decay
only for us
to recognize how fragile life can be?
The hour is late and the neighbor's dog is dreaming on the other side of the fence.
I will meet you there
when this bottle's empty,
when this prison of bones
merges with the earth
in endless repose.
We will meet again
and sing warbled
songs of Kings.

Dare – Michael Bone

I dare you to change your mind
Every day till you die
Until you are no longer yourself
You won't do it
But they might

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