May 24, 2017


river fierce teacher
thrash tender turnings until
heart light as driftwood
– Kate Wright

Boss tries to fire you
The day after you quit your job
Laughter inside all day long
– Carly Rose

through bark woods creek burrs
she arrives haggard cheerful
creek flowers blossom
– Christopher Barry

standing the mid-watch,
all at sea crest-ing foothills;
laser my sally
– Max Yeffer

Do snakes miss shed skin?
Do deer mourn antlers dropped?
Shadow, follow me
– Evin Wolverton

Rotting banana
Stinking up the car again
On my way to lunch
– Michael Bone

Elderberries bloom
Buckeye and poison oak too
White flowers opened
– Katrina Djberof

Days of fever dreams
Descend into the valley
Summertime Madness

Leftover whiskey
Goes stale on the countertop
No one to drink with

Black lungs, bad music,
Vinyl spins recklessly like
My human rhythm
– Oh Dae-su

To scrape the bottom I pull
this poem inside out.
I'm tired of wanting more.
– Cat Zettner

a fleetin’ moment
somethin’ ‘bout changin’ seasons
involvin’ nature
– Izeck Hempseed

Here I sit, legs bent
Wishing for your summer sun
Prepping for the burn
– Mim Roeder

Game of friend or for
Only those who risk all win
Don't get yourself killed.
– Tracee Sneddon

We want that feeling
Of free falling through the sky
the best way to live
– Sesar Sanchez

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