May 10, 2017

Sweeping Generalities – Davo

Nature and culture are bound together
The nature of private property
my brackish chagrined fecal tundra
nitrogen iron bronco
I can’t feel what you feel
I’ve been listening
it’s a hard time to learn to listen
no one says shit
bunch a nonshintz in stereo
she traded me an awkward pause
for a mistep the next day and I was like
seen a dude
I can’t solicit an intention
to be built upon
I urge the fuck beg you
We are all reflections of love
I’ll upbraid
I’ll insist and berate
my thesaurus is a better poet than me
but nobody listens to me so I write
or type
dude I farted the best poem the other day dude it was like
hustle me some protection
save the oceans
save women
save Jon Young
save muffugin
I’ll trade you three internets for half a connection
It’s never as deep as it should be
pause before a laugh next time
see if the dryness of your humor has water in it
I don’t know who I am or why I’m here
If you throw money at me and yell
I don’t feel supported
This is the kind of poem that I burn the next day
I can’t listen and
Summertime is past and gone already
this one is mine
I’ll give it back afterward

Apollo – Avo Woovy

To move godspeed
In a prisoned chariot

My feet stay planted
My stance strong
My eyes looking into the distance

The sun rises, and the wind whips
It is a coiled spring that has been released
From the sky’s heavy thumb

And it tells me to move forward
And it tensions my string
And it fits it’s hands around my neck

To tune me to the music
Who’s notes narrates my BPM
And in a productive panic, I lunge.

My goal will never cease
My sweat will never dry
My work is never over

Until I sleep in my pine bed.
Closed eyes
At rest

Basketball – Michael Bone

I can still hear,
"Let's see some hustle!"
Over so many sneaker-squeaks
Before I foul out in the 3rd quarter.

I can still feel
The weight of a ball
Shift every so slightly
Before I miss another three-pointer.

I can still smell
Dad's coffee breath
Telling me, "Take it easy"
Before I cry in front of my team.

You Won't Find Me Sleeping – Evin Wolverton

You might find me down here
limp and drifting
through warm pockets
of deep sea trenches,
crosseyed, bitten, bloated,
but you won't find me sleeping.

You will find a buoy tied
to every toe and finger —
a littany of minor destinies
and undeveloped potentials.

When I was immortal, I was free
to outlast all expectations.

Now that I will end,
all this beauty becomes
an emergency,
and every unturned stone
pleads like a lonely child.

Even here at the bottom,
swaddled in soft darkness,
you won't find me sleeping.

Hustlin’ – Izeck Free-World Hempseed

Hustle, work, make bucks, get change, pull tricks, perform tricks, screw over like a dicks
Slang mang, fly by the seat of your pants, get green, go gold, swipe here, insert card there
Play football, mo’ money no problems, no money mo’ problems, show me the money
Hurry up and wait, take them at their gait, you can never be late
Live but fast, don’t make us wait like freight, break the brake don’t take the take
Sometimes forsake, feet reiki feelin’ shaky, eggs and bakey for the wakey
Show and tell in hell and Taco Bell while the felon’s felon fell on Phil No
Recess the abscess, don’t second guess the mess but bless the flesh
Bunny mansion money, feelin’ funny not too punny, diarrhea and nose runny
Scrooge McDuck, the cuck, tryna make a fuck tonno trucks O’ bucks
Ebeneezer Scrooge splooge screwed a ruck O’ rubes without tubes
Boobs for newbs, rudes for dudes, hooty whose?
What a shame game to blame a flame for a dame’s Great Dane
Hung or hanged, gun just banged, cops were flagged, price was hagged
Lesbo tits for t.A.T.u., you can get with this or you can get with that
Goat cheese, oh please, eat it with ease ‘til the goat udder bleeds
Deez nutz won the vote, denotes the lack of hope in the pope of dope rope
Run faster, jog faster but not running, walk faster but not jogging, crawl faster but don’t stand up
Open your watch filled Inspector Gadget jacket and jack it up
Ask for directions, offer coats, get money, go the wrong way
Stop at the stoplight, white van speakers left over from the natives, never been used
Sell a perished parrot to a poor plighted blind boy
Into the matting, into the padding, They’re G-g-g-g-g-great!!!!..
Just do it, Have you had your break today? Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat Bar
The dove dove into the grove grave and was never seen again

Survive and Improvise – Sanchez

Our legs are weak
and sore
as we bounce from one
thing to another
for hope-
yes, hope.

I can see the promise in her
her eyes
and in her bones;
her soul is up for sale
as well.

black bags pull down
on our eyes
to the floor and to our
Because we can’t blame
our parents anymore;
nor our teachers,
our friends,
our lovers,
or our enemies.
No - It’s our turn

To serve the coffee to people
who loathe themselves
and this world,
play music for the people who
don’t care,
and to make food for the families
who are ungrateful.

We are the ones who own this
fucking world now,
this place we don’t
want or have ever wanted
for that matter.

So we dance the perpetual
steps in our minds
and with our bodies;
sliding and gliding
away from our ourselves
until we fall to our
and floors.

So that we can
remember the day
that we did
what we had to do.

Hustle On – Christopher Barry

Oh, let’s really hustle as coach Derry pushed, “hell’s bells gentlemen,
how about a little hustle here” later in the basement film day the
coaches comment varied as my good friend and left corner took the heat-
“is Tommy going to make the tackle no he’s going to jump on his back and
go for a ride down the sideline” no denying the hustle breakdown betwixt us
three in the secondary, blown play plenty of mis-guided hustle to go around
and Joe, Tommy and I knew it, but we won the game. Besides it was rare as
the three of us worked well and had a great year working the Hornet secondary.
All that hustle of jumping on the Rams receiver’s back by our hustling Hornet
left corner from the other side of the field back across made for a good bustling
laugh—the golden rule H U S T L E=
H for always hustle to make up for any talent you might lack, U understand
we sometimes had beer hidden in the woods for after practice, but always
absolutely understood beer stashed for Saturday nights after game days,
S surely stood this Saturday night be the topper to our young life’s to date
so what if we had to play the shack just an add on to the S in hustle, T for
Tackle low, “how many times we tell you guys tackle low, see what happens
when you tackle high, play the play again” there it was Tommy, a good football
player and friend really just arriving and jumping on his back was a feat in itself
couldn’t even call it a tackle, but T for tackle, that T in hustle. Then the spot
lights shined up the hill during the Yorkie’s routine patrol filled in the L as fun time
for them and semi fun for us, as you had to play the equipment shack according to
the upward beaming spotlights from the patrol car so not to be seen caught in
the beam, only one of us caught in the beam might end the brew haw early,
everyone did their part until 5 0 split. Now we drank out beers in earnst rounding
out the E in hustle and moved on to our next phase of the night comprised of
finishing what beer we had and then either loading into someone’s bomb,
say a blue floating comet or a red rambler wagon with bald tires or hitchhike
to one of a handful of bars hustle fuzz ball eight ball or strike ninety puck
bowling rubber arms tough but could be beat in the Thirsty Whales hustle
of a night along Lake Osceola where native American Kitchewank a subdivision
of Mohegan or “Enchanted Wolf” tribes were the earliest dwellers and were
buried, an age when Charlie Hustle came into to his own bigtime on the major
league base paths, perhaps reverse hustle when game to gambling in casinos and
dugouts, but it was our time to hustle, we did hustle we did, we all hustled at work,
we hustled at school, and we sure hustled in the American teenage night of the early
seventies along those eastern banks of the mighty Hudson River, hustle on you might say,
hustle on, yepur hustle on seems about right. Yes, hustle, hustle on in the spirit of life my

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