March 29, 2017


For Marty – Evin Wolverton

Men hug other men transactionally —
like tailors taking measurements
or baboons exchanging territory
or a performance of peace.

You hugged me the way
a brother hugs a brother
beside camouflaged baggage
in a terminal
after war.

We traded a mere thousand words
but I have mapped your voice
and will rediscover your crow's feet
in another stranger's smile.

If your love is a loan
I waited too long to repay,
let me hug my brothers now
without wondering if I'll lose them;

I will,
but they will leave behind
an embarrassment of riches.

Blue Flowers – Avo Woovy

You sent me blue flowers like pop corn
So I took sleeping pills by the creek that day

In my dreams I remember
Exchanging rings to toss
Like coins in waters shallow
Shiny copper and each a wish

We used to talk about this for hours
Each a memory
from a time where bells cooed
Now, in the distant past

I lay my head in the grass
It feels cool
It feels familiar

Not like metallic things
Cold to touch
Cold to remember

Warm fingers in my hand
I pine for them to be laced now

Under these branches
That cast shadows on my mind
and over my pale skin

Rorschach blossoms that dance
As the sun shifts
I stir in my sleep

I am naked here
Here, where our fingers slipped
Out of loops
Out of love

And now crossed those fingers
with red string on them
Pretty bows to adorn bones now

I am here, by the creek
with eyes fluttered open
In the grass
Where blue flowers bloom

And I hope to never remember
The bells that cooed
Or copper rings
And wishing wells

Almost Forgot – Michael Bone

When a memory
Is near the end of its life
Does it lose its license?
Can I not rely
On that trusty old guy
To drive me to truth?
I cannot remember
The rules.

Remember – Theresa Ragudo

Pain has a common name and an
unexceptional face
But I recall my warm reaction to the
music in his laugh
The way my body felt at home in
his hands
And when he was gone all I had left was
a scar that reminded me of his smile

Tell Me Why The Road Turns – Angus McDuffy

I remember you,
I remember how beautiful and alive
you were in the full bloom.
The sweat seeping from your every pore
and rolling down your neck.
I remember falling in love with scent everytime I'd open the door.
You would let your bike in
with the mud all caked around the floor,
and when we would laugh in the afterglow
I would carry you to my room to waste a few hours more.

Its always in spring when I miss you,
when my head is filled with promises aged in amber bottles.

In my dreams you always tell me:
'You are never far away
I am every kiss in the breeze'

Memory Floats – Minim.

I sent a message to you from a pidgeon:
Its feathers are borne on wind.
From wings to the heavens and down to you,
I hope this message finds you far away:

Take a pen and throw it in a deep well-
Not the kind that pens seem to seek.
Then, thereafter, will the pen begin to sink,
Or will it float up and remember you
As I forget.

Remember – t.t.

Remember the dust in your mouth on the bus
The smell of the dry kitty litter poured over the grooved lines of the aisle
Who puked this time?

The wheels go 'round

Remember when gas attendants pumped your gas in Washington
Another cleaned the splattered bugs from the windshield
And everyone smoked cigarettes inside
Where's the Rand McNally?

Stale balance and pressure

Remember the first time waking up
In the days before school
Feeling the black hole of sadness
Ceaseless in its expansion of collapse?

Living inside a pore of god

Remember the smell of your grandma & grandpa
The texture of knit in the handmade sweater
The silky pattern of a square cut matching polyester top and bottom
The shape of how their nails grew?

Remember who you are
Remember your dreams
Remember they have secrets to tell you.

Do You Remember How It Felt? – Tim Goodwin

In your arms
there are only
two things that
I can think of:

First is how soft
your skin is to
the touch, like
caressing a dream

beneath my fingers. Second
is your breath; gentle snores
escaping from slightly parted
lips. I cannot see you in

the dark. But I can feel
you, you are asleep but
alive, and I am glad
we are alive, together.

Near-Constant Replay – Elsie B.

"Will I ever see you again?"
My limbs freeze from the memory,
a short audio clip from barely half a year ago.
I had laughed, brushed it off.
Of course!
Goddamnit, why would I think otherwise?
I push my legs forward and the hot tears aside.
"Will I ever see you again?"
Goddamnit, did you already know the answer?
I imagine, again, the rattling rails,
"Will I..."
the deafening horn,
"...ever see you..."
your vulnerable eyes,

Remember – Amaris Cardenas

No wrinkle shows on it’s own
Smiles and sunshine days leave marks
Your sadness and health are written in the lines
All that is touched by your hands
Smooth or roughen the touch
Your postures can harden
You may curse pain
Listen, do not close your ears to its ring
This body that you may find fault with
Knows many things
Heal yourself
Help yourself
Love yourself

Be gentle and kind to yourself

Your body will remember

Desperate Measures – Casady Dixon

Remember the flag.
Remember the rush,
but hold the lesson taut.
That a careful spoon,
with a desperate task,
was given the rank of God.
As people fret and flutter by,
with a comfort they can't know.
A man is broke, with bloody arms,
full barrel, rightly so...

Baby Carrots – Maggie Berrier

if i could write of someone else
id tell the story of you
until that time, I’ll remember mine
and cry snot bubbles of my youth

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