March 15 2017


dreams please go to sleep – Auda

"Love" scratched in the wood of the piano
appropriately out of tune
"Start" written on yellowing tape
stuck on middle C
with no further direction.

Sleep and all her rituals
always feels like treason.
Isn't the world burning?
my fingers are itching

In a world that's rarely silent
With a shrug he said
"i wanted something easy. i guess."
and all the melodies
almost written
gather with the dust

First note in some time – Don Parrish

Didn't think to jot down the joke that stranger told that roused me awake still laughing
Meant to try & make you laugh too but memory failed

"Turn it up-"

She likes the sound of Democracy in the morning
Dishes clink & the cat meows at the smell of last night's bacon grease

somnolence – arnold snarb

frenetically immobile with its weight on my chest&
a dozen mattresses later i still sleep with lights on
against dampened shadows clawing at my waistband.

i heard a joke once that sleep is great cause it's like
dying without having to disappoint the people around you
i've just never been the best at living up to my potential.

insomniac nightmares house the same drooling beast-
3 a.m. i'm still failing to fight back and waking up ill,
coated in petroleum that'll seep out my pores for weeks.

it's afraid of your warmth, i think, and even though
you can't really see either of us clearly most days
i'm always a little worried the oil might stain your sheets.

remembering that floral print comforter and feral fear
still hunts me down on monday afternoons but finally
i'm spitting out enough dirt to say "i love you" right.

a decade on and my pillow's still full of empty bottles;
tangled in covers through small deaths i'm desperate
after a fevered dream of sweating this sickness out.

Rip Van Winkle – Davo

Rip Van Winkle me this batman
Meryl Streep takes a nap right?
What world is this?
Always getting the bearings straight instead of just solving the damn problem?
She’s over there and absolutely IS NOT changing the color
my feet are melting like crayons in the sun
I’m sad about it, not startled
then I wake up
and I trust that my dream energy light body has imparted the necessary code into my program

the brain begets its own sedation
mildly and naturally
surrender to an abyss each night
each night
wake with the last drops from the spell
lending continuity to the day
the day
when some force interjects
then do we dance a different step
how the spirit forgets
until dreams are all we know

The other day I had a dream
and I woke up in a sweat
The same demons that plague me in waking
followed me and grew in my sleep
grew in my sleep
I forgot most of the details

When possums sleep
upside down all in a row
hanging by the tail organized by height
thats the image fed to childhood me
thats the bar for deep sleep
one day I’ll get there

What do caterpillars dream of when in hibernation?
Is it the sensation I get when I surrender to gravity and cessation after I stand up too fast?
Is it a dmt trip of complete expansive 4th dimensional astral light tunnels?
Do they play chess using Atlanteans and Mayans against Pleiadians in the rays of the Arcturus Antares midway station deep in the cosmos?
Then they wake up all butterflied out like cowabunga mutha fucka
landing on turtle backs all zen as hell

I Should Be Asleep By Now – Michael Bone

Work in the morning.
Got a show in the night.
My mind's weather, stormy,
Is like a flashlight.
It shines in my eyes
Until the sunrise.
My battery too is finite.

Little beast! It’s time to sleep – Austin Hart

Open wide open wide
Let me snuggle up inside
That tooth looks like a mighty fine pillow
Eat my day
Digest my dreams
Take me. Wake me
Into a landscape of real-life illusory peace
…A landscape where utopia falls to its knees
That place where I release my destructive conquest in the name of the littler beast
Let us battle
to protect some thing of value
But only if we kiss bloody knees and make up

This war ends in mutual surrender
For war is won by those who don’t know better
Let me keep this suffering
It is far more comforting than the coldly glowing love of hate
Your perspective takes my imprisoned-in-a-thought-bubble idea of pain,
making it person-shaped
I can then hug it
Or fuck it
…probably both
At least if I can stand to respect an ungrounded hope
(whine whisper)
"please rest"

They say that darkness hides
They say that darkness lies
But when you hold me
I only
feel the hand of love squeeze the lonely bones just right

Letting go of unquestioned answers
that form my forced puzzle-piece mask of an identity
I radiate all that I know;
the bright flooding light of nonexistent nothing
While we welcome the birth of a shiny new death,
in a hold-handy circle we celebrate the passing of prefabricated seconds
with tall glasses of spring water and peacefully labeled toothbrush weapons
still welcoming the afterbirth of the traditional death rite,
the wonderful horrors unseen in the divine day-time-dream live on in the night,
shape shifting into a dawn of potential delight
Or will I?
So go ahead!
close your tired stubborn eyes
and I’ll hold yours shut if you hold down mine
For an… ever-ish time
Embraced by our neediness,
And almost displaced by obedience to devious media’s seedy sleepiness
(on which the bloodless blame does feed)
Let holy ghost named Decision not forget a chief ingredient
At least a pinch of Choice
Then, let us listen for the sound of an ancient familiar beat;
our silent lioness minds
and bleating like well-trained cloud-jumping sheep
masturbate. masterpiece. sleep.

Sleep – Carly Rose

Let sleeping dogs lie.
Put them to sleep.

I'm a fucking dog foaming at the mouth,
teeth resting on your flesh.

No gentle nights in my bed. Not with my thoughts strewn across the pillows.

This bitch could bite you, could sink into your skin.

Feel the mercy in my jaws.

Give it a rest, give me a break, and leave the muzzle in place.

Sleep – Izeck Free-World Hempseed

I like to sleep a lot
Although I think it should be alot
But I understand why it’s not
Things never come to me very quickly then I contemplate them further
I miss a few scene changes and I’m out of the movie and into the dream further
The dream clashes with the ending credits and ceases to go further
Ugh, now I gotta check some things before I shut it and get it far enough away
Away from my head so it doesn’t give or get interference when I’m in a dream far away
Control my reality, both in reality and in a dream seems like a faraway dream
Those dreams where you open your mouth but…...just……...can’t……...s...c…..r..e….a……..m
But are dreams the thing in sleep that really reigns supreme?
Sleep for a ⅓ of your life
Maybe a ¼ of your life
Shorter part of your life
Would life be without it?
Is a brain required?
Is it a state?
Is life required or do computers really sleep…..mode?
Will AI sleep, will it let us sleep, will sleep be unacceptable?
I like to sleep alot
And the computer says I’m wrong but it doesn’t know how much I like to sleep even
Is sleep to get us faster through the night, so we’re not up ascared with fright?
I don’t know if we think we know we know but I don’t think we know
Oh yeah I was trying to get to sleep but now I know I’m trying so I can’t try anymore
Gosh darn, bowl X, use the rest, teabag X, cold pillow again, time number X
Where s.hould I. t.hink a.bout, when s.i.t.a., who s.i.t.a., how s.i.t.a., etcetera s.i.t.a.
Prime the dream, make it better, not just weirder, weird dreams seem to beam obscenely
Do you ever aim not to dream and just sleep like you’re not there?
Are you there?
Are you the same you when you wake up or is it a different you?
Are you afraid to sleep now?
Are you afraid to sleep ever?
Are you afraid you won’t sleep?
Just sleep already, it’s not that hard, all you do is lie there or lay there or there or like this
WIth my leg just in the right place, with my arm hugging the pillow palm up to not get too warm
Ok I think it’s time to go to sleep, I like to sleep alot, good night

Sleep – SAZ

The unearthing feeling of the sun
beaming down onto my skin
absorbing it's light, feeling it
traveling into and through me.
just as the energy of the ground is being pressed into me
eyes closed, breath after breath
i am one with myself and the sun
and the earth that lies underneath
the breeze flows across my skin
feeling both the warmth and cool
of the air
my thoughts flow with the wind as my mind drifts
it is drifting off someplace
unaware of the direction it goes
but it doesn't matter
it will flow with the wind
drifting further into the earth.

Dreams I Don’t Have – Sanchor

I don’t want
I don’t need this in my
You’re aloof like most
of my dreams
because they only take place
In this cold
filled with the living;
the awake.
They gnaw and
chew my will to
live and
sleep. Yes,
I don’t want you
and I don’t need you
Because I am awake
and it’s it’s killing me

Small Spaces – Arielle Mae

It was there in small spaces that it happened.
We watched the room grow brighter with each passing minute,
Fighting off the dawn and squeezing our eyes shut tighter.
You sighed, breathing out the night and pulling me closer into you.
I felt your heartbeat, a familiar click against my spine,
And the weight of perfection that lies in the stillness of every passing moment.
It was small spaces that I lived in, that I lived for.
Outside of them, I cease to exist.

I disappear each morning only to be brought back to life in darkness each night.
I wait until the moon rises, my breath catching in my throat each time, and I choke on my words, Swallowing them until I feel your measured breaths become slower,
Until I know it's safe to whisper them under cover of night.
Small slivers of light moving slowly across my ceiling,
Mirroring the whites of your eyes when you throw your head back and laugh at me,
Always for something beyond my control or comprehension.
Eyes soft, hands rough, and words teasing.
“Sweet girl,” you said. “I’ll love you forever and a day.”

I watch the moon cast its perfect light and move slowly across your sleeping face,
And I pass the time until morning.
Counting your steady breaths against all the terrible little things I love about our days spent together. You shift in your sleep and exhale velvet words into my neck,
Secrets of a life lived both before and after ours.
I lie there each night, begging my body and heart to relent, pleading my case.
I try and fail to widen each second, to live inside them, but I'll never be quite strong enough.
For now, I'll remain here.
To exist only in those small spaces that fill the void between night and day.

Diamond Heights – Oh Dae-su

My legs are asleep,
and my feet are daydreaming through Ashbury and Haight.
I'm walking hand in hand with the city
In an afterlife that seems to last forever.
I hear the great beyond
beneath the light pollution.
I hear the ocean breeze whisper like pillowtalk,

"Are you staying out with me tonight,
darling? Or are you going home?"

   Well, kid, I want to stay here with you and
feel the flowers in your hair.
I want to wander through the fog like we never have to leave.

But I have promises to keep
in my sleazy little city of trees.
So trust me when I say
   it's not you
It's me.
It's my idle mind
obsessed with memories.

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