January 4, 2017

Come January – Hilary Telleson

Dinner date, my house — we'll hardly talk
Except for all that shit we have to say.

You'll put your hands down my pants.
I'll make stew. It will be cheap and tasty.

On the laptop we'll put on some show
we won't watch
You'll put your hands down my pants
the bed will be warm.

It will be night for a few hours
The moon will moan two times

I will tell you to go.
We will French long and hard.
I'll press all of me against all of you.
You'll go.

Just one more time. Maybe never. The new year wakes, shuts her eyes, open mouthed, readied.

Simple – Alex Hilsee

Dear ---,

the world went flat today
sucked its cheeks in
you sat still
kissing all the green
right out of it

Pu-erh Tea – Muir Hughes

you round out certain necessary requirements
like feeding the birds in the cold
a pressure like fire dissolves in the abdomen
feet rising and breath pulling
towards greening ridges, a backdrop of clouds
is there any easier way to be free?
the chest slumps in deep solitude
lingering tendrils of companionship quiver
and worm around like cold sunshine
each mossy rock a minute Universe
your gaze that of a sleeping god
and drowsing, you survey, with the experience
of a heartache master
returning back towards denuded black trees
you meet hot water on a winter stove
simplicity swirling coal black pu-erh leaves
thickening the cup
with warm earth

Simplicity — H. Quinlan

Catch the scent of the rain hitting the empty spot on the driveway
Find the moon sleeping with the overcast when you aren't home
Cuffing season left me fettered by the bed post while you were puking up your new addiction

I love how much I've lost you.
I feel so violent and blue.

It's Simple – Laurel Posey

It's simple, you and me,
You're the bread to my ghee,
You're the sugar to my tea,
You're the bird to my tree.

When young and free and full of beans,
I saw your eyes like bright high beams.
I followed them throughout the night
And never did I once lose sight.

Your gift to me was sweet devotion,
It came to me like magic potion.
Yes, life was very simple then,
It can be simple once again.

Yes, I know we each have our "tasks" to do
To keep life afloat, to be firm and true,
But we can escape a difficult plan
And splash in the puddles, Oh yes we can!

I'd like to get back in a "Wayback" machine,
If I could, I'd do it all over again.
But I'd rather start fresh and simple and new
As long as I'm starting again with you.

So let's hike this trail with an ocean view
& throw off the cares and worries we knew,
Let's skip on the peaks and roll on the grass
The difficult times for now have past.

Slow Pilgrim – Evin Wolverton

I will always wish
my life would fit into
a single, zippable bag –
the kind you toss into
a taxi, shouting,
The truth is:
when it's over, it will.
I'm a slow pilgrim
gathering the strength
to carry less.

Simple – Theresa Ragudo

I was in a dream
Not one of the lovely ones that wake
    you with a smile
The surface always screams simple when
    we are too shallow to take on the shovel
Eyes are just lashes and glass
A smile is a warm pouting rose
A three-dimensional silken body
Pleasant until you discover the max
    volume of its voice

Simple – Brandon Hilty

I'm so goddamn tired
I cannot sleep long enough
Goodnight and goodbye

Simple – Michael Bone

The gift of meaning
Is not lost
On those without
The complexity of doubt

The meaning of life
Is long lost
On those without
The gratitude of now

Simple – Tyler Watt

Simple iterations
of this same bygone vexation
A music of the spheres
that presents itself with a humble sensation.

It's always the little things really.

The dewdrops and hoar frost in the morning sun.
The habit of a beautiful woman being an abstinent nun.
Meetings of the wildcat and stellar jay,
as the dawn greets them
with a new reason to sing.
A new day.

Honesty is found
in the most extraordinary places.
For each point is truly quite ordinary.
Happening with every ephemeral,
fleeting incarnation that reflects
in the pools and puddles
beneath worn out feet, hooves, and paws.

It never needed explanation.
Just a witness to this miracle
taking place on this spherical ball
of simple, stoic reverence called...


SimpleQuestShuns – Charles Hunt

Isn't it obvious
The odds of us
Figuring out
Why figurines doubt
Each other
Seems smothered in undiscovered
Stuttered mutters of forever
Cleverly mingled together
As weather and seasons
Of reason
perceived as demons
And angels entangled
In battles of legions
Form our mangled objections
Effected by efforts
Fortified with methods
We were taught on exit

Or will we never get it
Only to be Forgotten
like a rotten bag of lunch
From last month
On a bad hunch
Following profits
Out of better options
Drinking toxins
Stroking smoking objects
That make you clumsy but cautious
Dodging pop holes and coppers
As youth in the projects

My knock ups
and words my dad would spit
Made my observations passionate
At an early age
I had to get
It wasn't fair
They wasn't passing it
Rough child hood
to keep us out they cabinet
Has been established
Since 18had us in
The baddest pinch
Legal madness
To keep us from stabbing
the establishment
That had us in it
Breeding deceiving hatred
Bleeding naked deeds forsaken
Sending seeds to state pen.s
Some proceed adjacent
Some leave and make it
If thieves and disease
Don't leave'm wasted

Please believe
This isn't Impeding
Breathing greatness
We the breaking
Never broken grope unfolding
Soulful spoken
ask with hope in
Can a listen lamented
In heartfelt intentions
Turn from inundated
To blissful wisdom
In an instance
After centuries of polar difference
And indifference

And if ya jaded
Can information fade it
Or do you feel berated
When ya favorite Debbie
Or David
gets to saying
What needs the changing
Or am I
Exchanging concepts
You find are strange
and Complicated


do – Theresa Desautels

paying altar finance,
opportunity spans
pry open your fanned
heave up onto land
into late night demands
second third and fourth chance

Wishing it to be fun?
Pushing out waits for none.
Simply do and it's done.

Simple – Evan Schuman

sit here with me
lie here with me for a while

allow the silence
let it fill all our cracks

hold me like you held your safety blanket
I am your bear

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