December 21, 2016

Celebration – David Gaskill

If to celebrate
People need to need people
In every season

Winter Lines – Davo

lets have a merry ol' time
cheer liveliness and warmth
amidst the trough of a sine wave
sinew soiled
splinter time
icy frosted fonts

At end of day
Tasks completed
and I must say
I am depleted

Were each just expressions upon the same face
I’ll meet you there when I close my eyes
if even for a blink
or some collective synapse
we may have only imagined
we greet each other
consent to celebrate

Nibbles learn intent.
Subsequent bite, capacity.
At ends, any movement necessitates
the shattering of crystal teeth.
Cold conquest.

If a stillness alights upon your shoulder
do not be alarmed
speak the language
Ask the Oak Trees, borrow a few lines
Empty your head so one ray of red sunlight
may kiss your mind

She loves
Her gait is a dance
wearing the air around her
she loves
grins when queried
shins a hairied
birdsong bends
She loves!

Celebration – Michael Bone

3 cheers for you!
You've looked up once
From your infinite view!
Three cheers for thee!
As you spend a second
In reality!
Wait wait wait!
You've gone back
To celebrate.

Celebrate Simple – Theresa Desautels

Warm*, Safe*, Clean*, Dry*, Happy*, Fed*, and Free*
* for now


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