December 7, 2016

Hello – Theresa Ragudo

The fruit has dried and only the black
   stains are left living on the tongue
The salt water purge presented
   useless swelling and hollow gut
Hunger for being was upset by the
   excited pointer finger of the mind
"Hello again" will be a bitter song
   hanging on the heart's ear
Averted eyes will fight the comfort of the floor
   and find a stand-off in the horizon with the future

Holloway — H. Quinlan

You only listen to the blues with glassy eyes,
you always keep the back door locked and never clean out the otherside.
Ever wonder why you live in a small town,
where lovers are far and few?
It's rude to say,
but after all these years
Ive never seen that star in you.
You are hardly beautiful.
The empty bottle always running dry.

How many times have you used the night for cover?
How many parttimers clock out in the morning while the sunshine washes in?

Never a right time to say goodbye, the only time you listen to her,
is when she shuts the door.
Another dog day ahead
   stifled by smoke & guilt.
But the sin never really sinks in
Because you've already lost all respect for yourself
You are hardly beautiful.
A roach smoldering in the ashtray.

How many times can you cruise downtown soaking in the city lights?
Are you happy now that you're twisted and you can't find you're way home?

She calls again and asks why she always drinks alone. You howl at the moon surrounded in haze
And wonder why,
You're the most comfortable thing she owns.

Don't go softly into that lurid night
You aren't the liquor in your blood, or the smoke signals in your brain.
Running off won't change a thing.
You'll just end up miserable with your memories on your breath or somewhere beautiful wondering,
How many drinks do I need to never dream again?

Goodbye – Carly Rose Hayes

The expanse of my ass is significant.

The mountainous ranges of my ass extend far and wide.

My ass has just enough room for each and every one of you to kiss it goodbye.

Second To Last Will And Testament — Evin Wolverton

If I've double-bounced off this trampoline
into a neighboring dimension,
embarrassment has no jurisdiction.
So this will have to do.

Reduce my shitty body to its tracest elements
with whichever science my mother
approves of least.

Split me into lines with my unused library card,
and hand the straw to anyone who
carried me in darkness long enough to
grieve me in the light.

All art and inventory —
each half-hymn and dick-traced napkin —
I give to you, dear weirdos, on condition:
That you stain them with so many sauces
that they never reach a shelf.

No coffins and no coffee cans, please
   don't you even try.
Blast Brooks & Dunn and dump the rest
   down a Six Flags waterslide.
"Boot Scootin' Boogie" til the speakers blow,
   too loud and dumb to cry,
and some new christened pervert
   feels the twinkle in her eye.

Goodbye – Tracee Sneddon

Words didn't need to express it. We both sensed it. I could see it in the way you made a point to stand. I read it etched Into your wrinkles. I tasted it in the salt welling up in your eyes as they bore into mine and you told my soul to "make sure you live your life." The promise of our unspoken goodbye is my anchor. Words can't quite express it but I think we both sense it. Thank you.

Goodbye Again – Michael Bone

I found your pad of paper
In a forgotten drawer
I thought you were long gone
But I guess one time more
I will write on your page
And throw you away
And forget about before

Bye Bye Darling — Oh Dae-su

Bye bye darling
It's late and I think its time to call it a night.
Over that same whiskey littered table I caught myself caring again
even though you've taught me how cruel human hearts can be.
Watch me spiral into pettiness and cliches, listen to me bitch about how the heart is never satisfied.
I'm checking out tonight
my bags are packed even though I can't bring anything with me.
So I load up on memories
especially the ones that make me cry.
And the past keeps catching up and asking me "Have you really been letting go?" Oh cruel little world, trust me, you won't even notice when im gone.

There will be no more free drinks for the major league loser.
No more cigarettes feeding the coffee can.
No more whining and waxing romantic.
No more vivid dreams of summer or her smile.

Bye bye darling.
It's last call and I'm closing out my tab.
The jukebox is singing the platters, and it's one more drink before I start puking and wondering if she's lonely just like me...
But I know she's happy and in love somewhere. Somewhere far
where the wind never brushes her cheek.

I miss you, darling.
I love you, little one.
No one will ever replace you.

Bye bye cruel world.

Goodbye – Dane Mutters

She stood on her tip-toes in shadowy street lights, outside the 24-hour diner.
Her dancing shoes stood atop mine.
Brown eyes looked up at me, again.
Her hands were on the back of my neck.
First kiss.

Goodbye – Reed Rickmers

Rest assured, my thirsty friend,
cups will be raised. Whether in
toast or memorial is yet to be
glimpsed in between blinks that
split the stream of Now and When,
of How and If. All we know that
means anything, the only meaning
there is to be stripped bare from bone,
is that life has a bittersweet bouquet...
with a hint of cherry and a smidge of
gunpowder; exhilarating, delicious and
frightening. So who has time to haunt?
Time is for the living. As for all the rest,
they must be content with peace....an
argument for gluttony if I've ever heard
one. And I have. They are written in your
smile, and her laughter, and his tears.
They are most convincing. All the more
so if we are fortunate enough to taste
the fear that's whispered onto our lips
by the sussurus of that strange river
deemed Otherness. Safety knows nothing
of hunger, nor of zest; knows nothing of
clamor, nor of subtle compliment. Casinos
are for the timid. Give me dice, a knife
and the street. I prefer million-to- one odds
on every even day in spring and Fall. Let me
carve my hidden name into the concrete so that
the untold throngs, who will tread upon our
soon-to-be storied anonymity, have something
to stumble over; have a stub for their toe. The
greatest gift I could ever give to them is to show
that while Love isn't Pain, Pain sure is Love. And
therein, writhing deep in this rambling, sweaty,
yearning beast of a poem, lays the defining
aspect of beauty…a note that when sang
by the false light of the true moon, next to the
cold comfort of an old friend, renders it
all worthwhile. Every sling and arrow.
Every tooth and claw. Every wound and scar.
This is not just a mantra, a false refrain
refracted into our earlobes. It is simply
the law of this land; its rhythm pounded
out by the rumble of Metal, the scream
of Thunder and the promise of Fire.
Casinos are for cowards. 'Round here,
we gamble moments, golden days and
gemstone seconds; our only invaluable
resource. Aren't they a delicious draught?
So yes, my thirsty friend, cups will be raised.

but until then,


Onward – Hilary Tellesen

I can easily wave farewell to the jealousy.
The insecurity.
The late nights and the other women.
It is harder when I see the skin of your scalp,
the hairs retreating back to make an old man of you.

I loved to stare at those sturdy soldiers. One
by one they held their ground, and I’d kiss
the bold line on the growing curve of your
forehead, the oil of your skin on my
lips. If I could I’d breathe you into my lungs.
Bite your head like an apple.

The little deaths are always with me in this,
when I see you there on the other end, far
out of reach from what I ever knew. Growing
old and alone from me. Like a great oak
drawn dry from the beetle.

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