November 23, 2016

Demands — Reed Rickmers

the kidnappers struck on the second leg of our journey
there were four of them, two could have been twins
one had shifty eyes and the third one we never saw
but could tell he was there by observing the things
that didn't happen
they intended to ransom us, I guess, or maybe they were just lonely
when we asked what their demands were
whether they wanted cash, drugs, political influence
they laughed and demanded that we love each other less
me and katherine, like that was even possible at this point
next they demanded I light a candle, and then put it out
then light it again, snuff it, repeated for hours
they made katherine learn their language
so they could mock her when she mispronounced the words
next I was made to walk sideways
while saying the alphabet backwards
and winking with my left eye
they told me that is the trick
to not being killed by the police
when in a routine traffic stop
I didn't believe them
one of them told me, a twin, conspiratorially
that he couldn't wait to move to america
and become a god, gain his divinity
by selling television to school children
he had heard it was an epidemic over there
and wanted to cash in while it was still in style
I tried to tell him that isn't how it worked
he glared angrily at me and then kissed me on the cheek
eventually there came a day
when we could tell that their patience was at an end
we were terrified, too scared to sleep really
but sleep still snuck up on us
and doused us in gasoline before striking it's match
in the bonfire of my dreams, I saw katherine
as I once had, when we were young and time still moved forward
she danced alone atop a burning hill
the fire moved in time with her hips
there was no music
only the thick gravity that comes
from surpassing limits one did not even know one possessed
it wasn't quite healing, but it was transformative
we woke in the morning to find ourselves untied, limbs mobile
we wandered out of the room we had been kept in
our captors had departed in the night, leaving behind
all of their clothes, neatly folded and stacked upon each other
in a little tower of laundry
and it wasn't until that moment
that we understood, finally
that life is beautiful and love is strange
and nothing else mattered

Demanding 101 – Bill Mash

Show them your love
Give them our demands
and give them no more

demeanor? defunct? defunded! da measure? da meanie? DA MEANING OF IT ALL!!! — Kate Wright

"Can you coppice the heart?" asked Kate

pulling up the sea with a fishing net
eager hands exchange
cascades of desire through invisible fields
entity provokes entity
by sheer force of gravity
steady mirth, and some other
mystical qualities.
the magnetism of being

copper demands the coil
heat requires the hollow
liquid endoworm crawls through tunnel
every turn repeating a calculated steal
free energy

Demand – CJ Lamkin

Demand your life accords itself like so
Your characters lining in rows
Marching as friends and foes
Is everything going according to plan?

Demands – Tracee Sneddon

My back ain't broke yet so
grind me up another line of
work to get me through the week.
"This job ain't worth a
barrel of warm piss"
But I'll work it so my kids can eat.
Take your cut from my wallet
So I can fit into the American Drain.
Poke holes in my floatys,
drownings half the fun.
Nurture me with poison so
I can buy the antidote when I'm older.
Tell me what I need in life so
I can trade my eyes for them.
Mug me for water to grow money trees
just be sure to patch
My wounds with bloody oil.
No need to play your Trump card
Stockholm already chained me
To a bed and grabbed my pussy
For twenty seconds of action.
My mind ain't broke yet so
Smash me up another storyline
To distract me through the week.

Demands — Michael Bone

I've got none.
You've got one:
"Write a poem"
Here - I'm done.

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