September 28, 2016

Possession - Angela Youngblood

These hands take on
   a life of their own
Enacting bookmarks
   trying to stop time
   or erase
Tiny suds
   scrub, scrub, scrub
   do every dish in the sink!
Scribble words in books
   catch all the memories
   before they spill over
   flood the dam
Haven't you heard we're
   in a drought?
Well I'm soaked
   sponge like and filling
   how much is capacity?
I get lost watching
   light play on the walls
   through cracked curtains
   geometric luminosity
My hands
   tip the cup
   over watering the plants

Little One – Doghouse Reilly

Darling you can have all the happiness you want, I'm still lying in bed staring at the ceiling. Dont tell me that our distance makes you dead, when we both get caught with the feeling that something's about to end.

Possessed – Auda

There is a mark of playful danger
hidden in the wrinkle of your brow
which unfolds my simple desires
my eventual

despite ragged lines of restlessness
in these cursed palms of mine
this matrix of choice and fate
is best
as net cast blindly
to the sea in storm

with Will bent faithfully
toward a home
unmarked, uncharted, unknown

owning nothing but what necessity dictates,
as he

As tide,
keeping no record,

Despite the mist and murk!
This ship abounds with treasure
With each faithful passage
fortune increases.
an affront to other
means and measures
of gain.
This jovial captive of quest
knows all seeking security is vain
except that through surrender
reaching desert center
entirely engulfed
on plane of danger most serene

beholds and is beheld
as star and speck and spark
universal mind

My Mother – Michael Bone

She is an artist
I have a bunch of pieces
That she could not sell

Regresas – H.C. Berry

I felt those ill wishes
for six months and
during that time
your vacuum broke.
thats what happens
when you leave your
shit in a stranger’s home
you came back this week
after 32 had eaten,
like termites,
the stages on which we laid out
our great performances:
the two weeks we spent
fucking on my futon
and the grand finale now,

I’ve moved on.
or at least I’ve kept walking
I follow the lines of evidence
but I don’t get to talking
about the time
and the thought falls, to the ground
like a cigarette butt
not really meant to be
picked back up.
and i don’t want to touch it

you offer help and
to fix the body
on which you left your shit
and kisses.
If only I could find my words!!!!
I’d show you with my tongue
the shingles
you’ve raised
by coming home
to find your prize,

To Light, From Dark – Theresa Desautels

Touch though we do completely,
Unswerving just as lovers do.
Blindly we pounce routinely
The other wanes and splits into
Particles shifting, moving,
Greyscale is the final dance we do.
Your warmth slips away discretely,
I feel I may have frightened you.
So I'll sit here still and weeping,
With hope that my stars may beckon you.

Vested Interest – Minim

Far away, some distance from lust.
I kept you in my closet, gathering dust.
Pondering your fit as I sat in my chair,
I saw you hanging with that dress over there.

Time has passed and I'm too late.
My chance to wear you has long since gone.
She's wearing you, and she looks great.
I close the closet door and yawn.

You were my unknowing possession,
And now you're hers.
My only obsession is only made worse.

'08 Primaries – Hilary Tellesen

He’d laugh so hard he’d put his head in the pillow--
fold it like a taco around his face.
We were good, real good there.

I was Hillary Clinton.
He was John Edwards.
“You know, I congratulate Senator Obama and,
you know, Clinton on winning.
But, you know, we got 48 states to go.”

I wished for a live recorder over the bed,
where we described our next partners,
or our plans to murder each other,
and the divorce party where,
instead of bridesmaids and best men,
we’d have the people we hoped to lay
lined up, luscious-like waiting for us.
We foreshadowed the end
while groping each other in the closing light.

Sometimes I miss having him,
but mostly I miss telling the stories,
the ones that made people uncomfortable
and envious--

the ones I shared with the bold confidence
of a woman who believed home was a bed
full of shameless love.

Mine For The Taking? – resonant questions

Suicide is a symptom of self-obsession
I don’t mean to judge those in pain-let me explain
I thought life was my possession
All I saw: my own pain, I held it-
blinded by thirst
for relief
I sang that sickly soothing mental mantra that held me like a crutch:
“This life is mine for the taking and NO-ONE can take it from me if I take it first”
But see,
this body did not want to die.
When idly I tried to slide away from life and close my eyes, this body
went right on breathing again...
without my mind’s consent

Suicide was a symptom of self-obsession
My life was never my possession
and never mine to take

Possession – Arielle Mullen

I was so careful this time.
Keeping to the edges of that same familiar path,
Shying away from the light, ears flattened and fur raised.
I leaned towards the wide stretch of night
And looked for your face among the trees.

I dusted my tracks but you always managed to find me, always knew just where to look.
You pleaded, and I relented, slowing my pace to match yours.
With each soft step I felt your breath hot against my neck.
I’d pushed you away, but you pulled me into your embrace, sharpened claws against my throat

At the end of each day we’d collapse into a pile,
Little broken dolls with chipped paint and varnish worn thin around our edges.
Each night as you slid slowly into sleep,
I felt your arms pull me in tighter, until I couldn’t draw breath.

I’d trace the constellation of freckles on your skin with my fingertips,
Lips parted, eyes closed.
I whispered the story of us in your ear,
And waited until your breath was soft, steady, and slow.

In the darkness I tried and failed to match your pace.
You held me so tightly, and I felt my ragged breaths become shallow.
I tilted my face up to the stars and smiled,
Remembering when we could still run with the light.

I fell once, fell for you, fell into you.
You’d slid your hand into mine and told me to be brave, to look into the night.
It was our velvet sky, you said; for as long as we chose it together.
Darkness fell, and I rose up for the first time, unencumbered by the weight of your love.
I rise up to meet it head on, eyes open and heart intact.

Dredges Edges – Davo

The closed captioning above the tree line. I held all of your pleasure at the first knuckle of my index and middle finger. They all speak from poles, defense or affirmation. All of it integral. I nibble their dreams while I sleep. I touch their eyes and say things. I walk around their landscape with coniferous strides. I rapt you up in my reverie. dream like a deer mouse. I won’t wake you. Whatever. Let’s get a fifth. Make a stage out of an alleyway. Adrenaline glands with sensory deprivation. On the rocks. When everyone’s favorite song is ‘boom’. Inside, I feel the hairs stand on my back. I shiver. The volatile essence of my being evaporates into the nether. Like minded wounds found me at another’s chest. I prefer solo lovers best. I start acting like a hologram again, slap me. Oh my God. Ohm god. Omhgawwww. I can play Mancala in the command line interface. If all you got is a hammer then every problem looks like a nail. Thats just beyond pale. Scientists and Cyanists and Leviathans and a side o’ this met metropolis and a cacophony of philanthropy vanished. Coming down the stairs I got my strong hand on the right. I don’t need sleep like I just need some breathing room for my nuts. Write dialogue. Frail in imagination and starved of indignant people coloring their life a beautiful sunset and sunrise each night. The last bar had a fine degree of giddy weight. If I ever leave me it will be perfect timing. Define, measure, analyze, improve, control, repeat. Give me another day with the makers and ill include my line item flesh into the best cloth available with a peaceful place to rest and practice compassion. And all the happy Glad-you-what students. I ex-foliated you this morning. Record em and distort em’. Zenesthesia.

DMD – Megan Godfrey

[Click to listen]

Dr. Farris,

I really should get my teeth cleaned
But I go out and drink instead

I'm obsessed and possessed
By alcohol
By other...

Insignificant things!

My gums are distressed, and my bones ache

For you,
Or perhaps...
Something other?

My teeth are much like other possessions
I lost them once, and I created new ones

There will be others
More things!

Possession – Amaris Cardenas

Her mouth opened
A broad scream taking shape
The priest placed his cross protecting her soul
Now! He hissed
Blood let from her wrists
Energy left through her veins
Shallow breath
Shallow grave
We tried our faith
God did not save

Firecracker Scabies – Muir Hughes

It was the leaving off which hurt so
after long hours drenched in rooms of pine
you didn't know that scent could possess you
and dig in like firecracker scabies
you didn't understand and so you breathed it in deep
then, wouldn't stop
as your skin
undulated in ravenous spasms
what was easier was action, running like hell
like monsters could drive you faster
and better and the running would outpace
the wafting scent enveloping your chest
you had to sprint away, so as not to burn down
the citadel, the fibers of peace woven
tightly, tightly, suffocatingly

Unrequited Hunger – Theresa Ragudo

I have held the night behind
my porcelain cage
Cold and starless in a box
Thumping blindly, fighting at
the edges
Selfless bruising with every
kick and scream for his voice
Wanting, waiting to be released
by his hands

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