August 31, 2016

Home Is Where I Hang Myself — Bloodsex

I watched sunstrokes travel beyond alley walls.
I felt the night fade in like a bad dream.

I saw an orange tabby cat sprawled out across the street
body crushed
its head split
like a bloody sunset on the pavement.

I saw a young girl take more than seven shots
and sink twist to the porcelain, on her knees
she gave dry heaves, until a group of boys pulled her
by the wrist
and put her in the corner.

I woke up from my lucid dreams
and put my waking world in the trash.

Come Drink With Me.

Give me a whiskey revolver and paint my fucking brains across the floor.

Cunt — Sarah Pape

The first time, the word broke
through you like the split skin

of a tomato, seeds and guts
rising through the tear, a new

you all ectoplasm and swagger.
You called each one—curses,

a litany—into the drainpipe
outside your first house

hoping someone down the gutter
would hear you, pushed

consonants so it couldn’t be
mistaken as otherwise. No hand

grabbed your shoulder yet,
told you girls don’t talk like that

like those men you hear hollering
into the night. Just outside the

doorframe, you learned the shape
of songs the world sings slant.

Profanity — Alec Binyon

I have felt so much
that I have ran out of words
no expletives can capture
teeth chattering rage
or spine folding grief
or the nightfall of missed chances
and the exile of sabotaged dreams
there are no words big enough
when we use the word fuck
after bong hits
and orgasms.

Balloon — Evin Wolverton

The word hadn’t cleared my lips before
it yanked upward
like an untied balloon
and singed the ceiling.

In the yolks of their eyes,
oil spread through an overflowing bathtub
and a flock of pelicans heaved off
from the roof of a burning motel.

Acrobat — Flounch

A bundle of sticks laid upon the grass -
One for the hand, another on a rag.
Once they burn, our third eye will find them -
No more.

A fan of professionals of lacrosse -
Simple mided,
Still your boss.

Filling out forms is
Unoriginal, of course.
Can you guess my next line?

Salmon-death is flung upon the masses,
He said.
It's too late to know what's next for them.

Actually, we could save them.
Our lives are theirs,
And if we don't move a muscle,
Attrition is inevitable.

Puritanical shapes are the new rebellion — Muir Hughes

The grannies are grinding with gangsters and expletives,
filling the soundscape like flies, mediocrity whir

the indigenous words of defilement lie flattened
on bed sheets, their pulsing edges disemboweled

turn on your screen, the feeding trough of trash
culture, appropriating sensibilities, raw throbbing
sacred screwing turned to digital ash

restraint, the curious hidden, the very foodstuff of titillation
lies in vivisection under Google's dull knife

everyone is doctor rapper, everyone is media whore, everyone
is milk slop, righteousness tank, soft skinned artillery

devoid of taboo

bring me forbidden

the ecstasy of the trapped lawless

a Puritan shape to hold my weakness

Finesse — Joshua Hegg

Being poetic is bullshit. I'd much rather ram my idiot opinions down your idiot throat and force them up your cyber-asshole via a vague fucking Facebook post.

Shit sandwich with lots of Sriracha! — Matthew ofTheHillPeople Stratton

Mental Musings from Matthew,
Like only getting to see yourself when you're in the bathroom.
It's like being in the present while peek-ing off a cap of shroom.
Omni-Pleasant, like leaking with the crap in the room, just to finally feel the shift...

It's like trying to catch a drift...

Like being trapped inside a trunk with nothing but your junk and wit.
Being somewhere between drunk as shit, and high as flock from a skunky hit.....
It's like when you thought that you could just burn, sip, and spit ....
mad bars that no one could monkey wit',
but then realized that you sunk a bit,
like the stoner-ass fledgling that fucking stunk at lit...
And after one more hit, concluded that the shwag was bunk, ... and quit.
It's like a thrift store scratch-n-sniff.
It's like an animated gif of a poignant pole protruding out of the pity pit.
It's like setting the bar, just so that the par can limbo under it.

So fuck it, i'm Swathing up this kismet with my lariat. Snap crackin' and cracklin' the shell of the love that I bit.

Because most of us are just one glass slipper shy of having a pair.
Like when you lose your wear trying to beat the clock going down a stair.
But that's neither fear nor fair.
Because the moldy glare, is rare to curdle my boldly stare, but quick to aesthetically assimilate with the thoughts that got them there.
It's like mare care for your pubic hair, public and bare as you dare to share your vanity.

It's like going vegan during Zombie-licious Calamity.
Like getting a taste of the fantasy, while trying to retain your sapid sanity.
It's like the procrastinating plan in me, when I visualize trying to plant a 'P'.
It's like using a word that can mean whatever you want it to be.
Like 'Dude'!

And I want to add 'dude' to that cool club called Profanity.

An Apology For Drunken Profanities — Megan Godfrey

Thank you for our time.
Fleeting as it was, it meant a lot.
I really loved you.
You have a beautiful depth that I admired.
I've said so many hurtful things, I wish I'd thought twice.
I believe in you, and I loved every night I fell asleep in your arms, wasting time. Socks for supper.

The Little One

Profanity — Rachel Myles

Fuck me in the ass.
I'll be your filthy butt slut.
Fuck! Shit! Ass! Oh... God!

Share A Toning — soapboxx

its so exciting to see it in lighting
Without all the scratching and fighting
for survival
or risking scuffing up ya bible
As poor folks
Lie for a title oppressors provide
to keep us rivals
Lords knows I know
How it feels on both sides though
Like the bottom of zapatos
We all got souls
only god knows why though
Lost in time hoping to die slow
We make up letters and call them our oaths
To stoke the ghost of hope we cant hold
Then condemn the ones we don’t know
Fuck that shit
Like a flash of anal porn
Jarring like ginger threw the risen of a previous bite
Emotions erupt without boundary
Bliss meets anxiety in a explosion of dopamine
And careen in screams worth noticing


Burn The Fucks — Reed Rickmers

Fuck the world, burn them all/fuck embarrassment. for real, fuck embarrassment. Fuck it right in the ass/you can go fuck yourself to the point where all fucking has lost its point and pleasure and you're reduced to feeling nothing but drudgery at even the prospect of fucking.. for the rest of your fucking life/fucks are not something I give for free, so pay the fuck up/.............snippets chosen at random from my texts of the past few days. Proving the unspoke adage that the road to Burning Man is literally (people who misuse the word literally are fucking idiots) is littered with fucks. So go fuck yourselves. I love your fucking faces off.

Unaware Jester — Theresa Ragudo

Today I hate myself
My stomach swims with
razorblade fish
The patronizing laughter
echoes in the empty
raw cavity
They all wear my face
The "you stupid fool"
expression firm.

Humanity’s Profanities — Izeck Hempseed

To be profane is not insane
Might get you fame from your brain
Why all the shame unless that’s the aim
Expressing bane over rain
It always goes against the grain
A vein of pain is that dame’s game
As if it hurts to hear my name
It can be a drain or a song’s refrain
The game to catch game
The wax and wane
To tax my mind but helps me gain

Personal Mythologies — Taylor Gabel

Black bile spat from the lips
Pulled up from decrepit depths of my lungs
And all the less than holy shrines
Erected in the catacombs of my being
Black bile rolls and drips
Down the contours of her form
As she digs painted talons
Into the soft white belly exposed
Black bile seethes, squirms, slips
Free of my eyes as pupils dilate
Stretching past the breaking point
And all is ink for a brief moment
In this moment I name you Goddess and Bitch
Both all knowing mother and shivering babe
Jezzebel both maligned and exalted
Fuck you
Fuck me too

Well, Shit — Arnold Snarb

every moment
we believe ourselves singular
an affront to God

Freedom — Michael Bone

watch your language
as it molds a stranger's face
as it lifts another's spirit
mind your language
as it is telekinetic
as it is confined
yet you are free

Fuck YOU — Evan Schuman

let's get shit started
I am here to appease, do
with me what you will

touch me here, she said
my cunt yearns for throbbing cock
niagara falls

gathering of friends
meat fucks over flickering
flames - eat up my loves

fuck shit piss dick cunt!
sonofabitch doesn't know
who the fuck you are

oh, so you grown now?
good luck, fuckwad - I hope they
don't swallow you whole

Sojourn - Tim Goodwin

Countless profanities
have left your lips

in reference to
not only yours truly,
but to the philosophies
that govern
our sojourns
with cruel mortality.
Confusion transforms to icy beauty
as the tango with the devil
slowly increases tempo,
dancing from dawn to dusk
knowing moments as only memory, but

soon even our faces will be lost
to the tides of time:
Those merciless lords
that show no regard
for regrets or reactions
to any unfair infractions
imposed upon the promised duration

suddenly cut short;
Snipped by the sharpened scissors,
uncompromisingly uncaring,
leaving us to pick up the pieces:
Shredded confetti of a life once whole.

An avalanche of four-letter words
spews forth from your mouth,
erratically jettisoned,
perhaps involuntary.
I wish I could hear
(roaring in my ears, as if erupting)
the four-letter word
we used to say
to each other:

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