August 17, 2016

Constellation – Hillary McShapiro

Eugene said
The spent hours pluck chances
One by one
And strum a soft death toll
Eliminating hopes
One after another

Our life
It has fixed points
Narratives welded with specks
Cradling our desires for destiny
Beloved astrophysical animal crackers

Beliefs, hewn in reason
Sinuous, but unsteady
Broken when unbound
Webless spider silk
Unchristened constellations
Dissolve in the death rattle of white noise

And done

Stella Maris – Milky Wayne

She says “Fuck It”
And we fall into the night endlessly
Enveloped in the multitudes
We touch darkness illuminated
“Your lips are sweet”
“It’s just the whisky”
I light two cigarettes and cough up a cloud
I guess we both like feeling choked
Wisps of nicotine touch the Little Dipper
Polaris burns bright at the end of the handle as
We swim through the constellations
Stella Maris
A starry kiss guides me closer to her celestial body
Together we navigate the cosmos and
Lose ourselves to the cobwebs of lunar distance.

Morning Star – Whitney Stevens

When I was a child, waiting for the school bus, I prayed to the devil:
‘Make my voice, mind, and body beautiful,
I want to make art and make love someday,
And you can have my soul, and anything else you want.’
I’m older now and my body is covered in constellations of
Stretch marks, my thighs crafted by the same gods that molded
The lunar plains.
My heart and breasts sink so low that I’m convinced
I operate under a different gravitational pull than everyone else.
The people and things I adore, the passions I have possessed
Have risen one by one like sky lanterns drifting up and into the night,
And when I first tried to follow I found my candle had burned out young.

I still call the devil sometimes, but I only get an answering machine.
I beat on his door in fits of desperation until blood from my shattered knuckles streams down my arms but he’s never home.
I didn’t grow up to write any songs.
I didn’t grow up to be beautiful.
I didn’t grow up to find love.
And yet I feel myself being pulled through the carpet and dirt and stained laminate floors
Of my kitchen, under the floors of the church where I wait to feel something,
Backward down stairs with whiskey inspired feet into puddles of stars
And bad horoscope readings that never mention his name.
You cannot barter with the devil.
I know I’ll never find myself
In heaven,
But I still drink communion wine under the moon and keep my fingers crossed.

alien megastructure – Arnold Snarb

here we are, interstellar as
always stricken
our movements and
concept as much as
law immutable & incomprehensive
here today moving
in relation if nothing else

our connections seen from such an angle
might be illegible, or static
abrupt. imperceptible-

here now today and moving
we consume, and burn
paint pictures and sing to each other
distilling ourselves from points of distant light

Poof – Theresa Desautels

you yearned.
we winked.
earth exploded.
not sorry.

Celestial Grouping – Angela Youngblood

They said Look to the sky!
And I took to the books
How limiting to look at the stars
through the lens of defined boundaries
Neck craning
Perpetual crane
Always looking down
Ascend through descending
Dreaming girl she never dreams but dream she does

Novice – Muir Hughes

As it was, the long threads of light
came only after midnight
for the warp and weft
pressed against the hot roof exhaling
into our backs
all of August, we
dazzled with frogs, crickets,
bats. Pretended to be novices in stargazing
this was not our first Perseid show
and the crackles skating through the atmospheric
blanket, left rifts in our clavicles, our ribs
of awe, to let loose the empires of light
which we had captured, held prisoner
long years before love grew sleepy
and still, we were not done,
with each other, with constellations,
with the unspent
harbors filled with broken boats, williwaws,
shipwrecks, dark salty sailors,
the unquenchable thirst of animated bodies

Constellation – Taylor Gabel

Patterns, prisms, and algorithms


Bright berries shining on the vine

Steps traced through the thorns

The architecture of a mother’s sheltering gaze

Features arranged mirroring mine

The stuttering beat of a rusty fan

Clinking in counterpoint to the rain outside

We lay nocturnal

Sketching lines in the void

Tracing maps eternal through the blank space

Only to have our carefully laid coordinates gutted

Rusted metal reflects imperfect

The searing streak of chaos raced and racing

Guttering out in the space of a sharp inhale

Exhale those foolish expectations

It’s just dots in the sky

There's no Constellations when there's a full moon – Ginger Cherie, Matt Weiner, Michael Bone

When I see the stars
I draw some lines between them
The moon erases

Human Cluster Recipe – Amaris Cardenas

One whole heart
A dash of generous
Three sprigs of trust
Humor to taste
Light on fire
All admire
Name your constellation

Starssssss Elations – Davo

too close for comfort
too distant for empathy
last bits of cereal floating in milk
the naturally heavy hearted make port
and imprint their shadow
expressed upon the unsuspecting
blank stare
of the night sky

reflect the shining light within
and notice the glimmer of other
similar shit
look up

Constellation – Carly Rose Hayes

The Stars were up all night staring at us again.

They were trying to read the future in the dim shapes of the distant city lights.

A world of late night cigarette mouths breathing smoke into the summer sky had nothing to say about tomorrow.

Under the night sky a configuration of sunburnt bodies moved silently across the pavement.

There was a fire burning somewhere. It had already burned out long ago.

Constellation – Nikki Sierra

Depending on the order in which
Your gaze falls onto each star
And the quality of the light that enters your heart through your eyes

A collection of far off cosmic furnaces
May look as though
They were bright vertex markers
of every angle in a sharp
and jagged maw,
waiting to swallow your dreams
Warm flickering flames in the eyes
Of every beloved ever beheld in the spiral of life,
waiting to welcome you to the space

A constellation of possibilities predicated on the patterns imprinted on
your mind.

Constellation – Reed Rickmers

I stare at the stars
And play connect the dots
Draw lines between them
To form words
And compose love sonnets
To the cosmic kingdom
A constellation is born
With each heart beat
Every cycle of rebirth
Is etched into the heavens
Joni Mitchell sings to me
While I sleep,
"We are made of stardust"
And I can't tell if I'm dreaming or dying
Unwilling to care
About what the difference is
Sometimes, when in twilight
I marvel at the way our relationships
Define us far more completely
Than our trivial physicalities
And how each of us becomes
A constellation, a single point
Amidst 7 billion burning suns
Images traced in the ethereal
By the eyes of our mind

The Ring – Emma Anker

After the aliens touched the sky in a white smudge in California and then left in the morning,
I sat with the ghost of my granny on the dugout and raised my dusty palms to the ring around the moon: “Hi God!"
And they smiled "Hello"
I sank back into my chain link nest to ponder the beam of a fried egg with no yolk; the dome full of Unexplained Events.

Post Almost – Theresa Ragudo

Intense amongst the dim
My pursuit of strength was a
flee from commonness
The tiresome chase of tiny
sparks on a wide blind road
I wanted the brightness
to surround it, to keep it
to be the background
Failing left me daft and void
a sky without stars

Full Moon – Megan Anne Godfrey

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