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Julia Rauter

Julia Rauter

Waltz – Ava Weaver

Like a heart beat
It drums in threes
Paced exactly to
The beads of sweat
That bundle on
My forehead
My palms
Your neck

Back and forth
We sway
As branches bearing fruit As string swells
As hemlines on skirts
With stiff shaky fingers
They slip
Closer to god

We praise with each movement,
Each careen
A relic
on an alter made
A ring
around posies
Postured as hedonism
Only a gentle caress

Aphrodite, for you
Our steps are nothing but
A spring rite
A morning touch
Sprawled limbs
Over warm bodies
In bedsheets
On dance floors

Feeding/Slow Dance -  Michael Bone

Feeding/Slow Dance - Michael Bone

Dance with Ra -  Kandis Horton

Dance with Ra - Kandis Horton

Acid/Sex/Dance - Michael Bone

Somewhere I end
And you begin.
Let us forget
Where that is.


Dark Dancing – Izeck Free-World Hempseed

Rancid dance Id!!!!
Blame the goat kid..
Oscar’s trash lid
Late night eBay bid

Waltz more with the Welch
Grape juice makes us belch
Belts leave big old welts
Wrench left on the bench

Arabs do dabs with their black labs
Not with Ahab showing off his abs
Catch another cab
Not another crab

Did the moonwalk while MJ balked
Even when OJ walked
Or while Oprah talked
And, yes, the opera rocked

Ballet with the fillet
Apply Bengay to the souffle
To the dismay of the fiancee
Just don’t call her the dreaded “Bae”

Polka with your ruca
Folk’s’ll get their pucka’
Yolks’ll get their peppa’
Argentinian Salta

Mosh pit pulpit
Pitbull pit boss
Tone deaf Bosstones
Death metal mettle to meddle in death

Splatter Party singer Jody dancing and singing at the Maltese /by/ Sesar Sanchez

Splatter Party singer Jody dancing and singing at the Maltese /by/ Sesar Sanchez

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