April 29, 2017

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Connect the Dots    - Johnny Eureka

Connect the Dots - Johnny Eureka


Temporal Connection - Izeck Free-World Hempseed

On over

Christine Connerly

Christine Connerly

Dave  - Kandis Horton

Dave - Kandis Horton


Being Together - Sanchez

We are in the same room
so close in distance
so far apart.
Our faces illuminated by
and the promise of happiness.
I am here
feeling the need of your
heart and mind yet we don't touch; we can never touch.
And when I ask
if and when
we can finally be away from
the world,
in our hands and hearts, you just lift your heavy head up with
dilated pupils and reply,
"What did you say?"

Rough-Legged Hawks  - Christine Connerly

Rough-Legged Hawks - Christine Connerly


Free Wifi at Brew Coffee - Ava Weaver

Our skinny bodies lock like a Rubik's cube.
Configuring in new patterns
Some messy
Some clean lines
Some as they should be

I thought I would swipe off that inkling of links
I had of you in my mind

By lacing fingers like ribbons
brought forth by finger motions on
A broken glass screen
That I stare at for too long
To put loneliness in my corner after work

Who thought it was ok to say the things
And feel them
To feel safe
In a near strangers arms

When in the past I knew you only
By brushing shoulders in cramped hallways
And smoking outside bookstores

Who thought it was ok
To feel whole
In a moment's glance

And to know our glances and open eyed
And body movements
Can paint a puzzle piece picture

For just now and just now
That is ok
We are ok

With just that
A moment
To feel whole
And connect

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The Whole Town Comes Out for the Parade  - Michael Bone

The Whole Town Comes Out for the Parade - Michael Bone


Jonny Eureka


Together - Charles Hunt

Searching for perfection
Of affection weve neglected
Detecting a collection
of aggression in our guesses
Keeps me restless

Now often my hearts breathless
From preaching breakfast
confessions of depression
For lessons in correction
During corrosion from exposure
To poking at progression

Life left me smoking like a matches expressions
Id Spoken like an ass when stressing
No mocking just mirror's for a message
to detach at the letters
if it matches ya measure
its my pleasure


Physical Connection  - Rob Eves

Physical Connection - Rob Eves


Divine Discomfort - Austin Hart


and See

and Find
our freedom

Feel to access
how life giving limitation
is the body of reason

To reach out

True connection threatens
the comfort of demons
it dares us to see that we are seen
This light is the brutal love language that listens
singing the song of your devine name
 knowing it is also ours

There's a Relationship Here I Promise  - Sesar Sanchez

There's a Relationship Here I Promise - Sesar Sanchez


Connect the Dots - Jonny Eureka

Boy you've go the moves,
that haunt me,
that want me to know.

And all the while she soothes,
this evening,
with meaning that grows.

But if it takes all night,
we'll make it,
we'll break it and bleed.

Now we've got things right,
I felt it,
I saw this in a dream.

Lauren Kennedy

Lauren Kennedy


Connection - Lauren Kennedy

I am candying in the cast iron
From crumpled plastic bags, the last powdery red walnuts

A treat
To cast like a glamour on spring's bitter greens
I want to shit well, and work well

A cupboard of jars and bottles
I am out of coconut oil
I pour beef fat over the seeds, and stir them until they glisten evenly
They sizzle on the black iron
Normally measured, I dump the maple syrup in
Maybe it is the swelling smell of animal fat that unmeasures me

I consider the coconut oil
And the beef
And glistening seeds, red and green and white, like precious stones in the pan
but not "precious stones" like jewels, but "precious stones" like when you come to the river's edge and you meet the stones and you know that they are precious

I consider these
And the civil wars where they grow the coconuts
And the once-wild places where the beef cattle grow
And the delicious treats that I day-to-day sprinkle over the bitter things pulled straight from the earth

Riley Canney  - Connected

Riley Canney - Connected


Umbilical - Alex Montes De Oca

When they severed your umbilical chord
Did you you think it was the end of all?
You are always inextricably bound
Held and cradled by
the world around you

Your umbilical is still there
You're tethered to the trees by the air around your skin
Tethered to the ocean by the water in your eyes
Tethered to the world around you
Even as it dies

All the animals and vegetables
Know just how to live and die
We're just animals who broke the rules
Long forgotten the umbilical we're tied to

Man and Beast  - Kandis Horton

Man and Beast - Kandis Horton


Heart and Soul - Deborah Nielsen

Are you alone ?
Alone on the inside….
No one understands you, or gets what you’re about.
I know that you struggle. I know you have pain.
You want to have it all and for people to know your name.
Connecting by wires ? Connecting by games ?
Every once in a while feeling insane ? Am I special ?
Am I normal ? Am I okay ?
With all the questions, with all the strife; there is more at the doorstep
Of your sense of worth.

At the center, within the core. You are looking for more.
Your heart is the center. Your heart beat has always been there.
What does your heart show you, for who do you care
Within our own kindness our heart can hold our own hand.
Beneath our distortions we can find something more.

I must tell you my friends, I must tell you now.
No matter our mask or our cloak, or to what we have keys….
No matter how particular we believe is our own misery.
Beneath our cover, beyond our plan. It can be more simple,
We can be more free. It may be a secret but we wish to be living with love and in harmony. This is our key.

We began in a womb of water and the beat of a heart as our drum, we could hear.
We emerged to bright light, and before long learned to strive and somehow to compete or to fight.

We are body. We are mind. We are heart and we are soul.
Deeply, we long to be more whole.
We operate from body. We operate from mind.

Can we allow ourselves to live from heart
and from soul… reaching in to embrace our own essence , finding resonance and care …..
If we do not, what can we bear ?
On this earth, in this body, in this moment now.we are not alone.
We have a golden key, We carry it everywhere it has a magic power that can fill the air; our heart and our soul is right here.

Dependent Arising -  Stephen Barry

Dependent Arising - Stephen Barry

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