#54 TRIP

May 7th, 2019


Levi Miners - The Trip

I took the trip
And walked at peace
Shifting colors, delightful
my soul expends
Lifting up a higher consciousness.

Scales falling from my eyes,
A new paradigm
Sprouts out of the top of my head
Like a powerful Redwood
It reaches into the sky
seeking roots and stability
While soaring among the birds.

I must confront self
With intention for good-
And find tools along the path
Unique in life to me,
To make my best way
As I create
a new reality for myself
More in tune with my ecosystem.

As a broader Spectrum
Informs my view of life,
I seek to do good
And confront those demons
self wrought
Hindering my best progression.

Remembering one thing:
In life
I am responsible
For all consequences of my actions.
Therefore I will
Be mindful,
And maintain a presence
allowing for the freedom
To be.

Izeck - TRIP

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