April 16th, 2019


Plants of life - Soapboxx

So much of the soil
we've toiled in
Seems mainly ignorance
Anger fermented in seclusion
With A sibilance of interest
in inclusion
dancing between the sun and moons sin
based in basic polar movements
places shaped by choosers
embrace impatience dried in losing

Through a forest of memories
Depression seeks improvement
As misery keeps seducing
Its nearest soother
Usually the critical kids
With a bias based forgetfulness
Wishing to taste
the other side of the fence
Unaware of where its bitters sit
From this disconnect of our gifts
And how they intersect
The stress gets viscous
Thinning the air
Needed to breathe out
the grief and despair

We’ve all been there
But to be fair
isn’t the same everywhere
Or for everyone
When we can agree on that
The sprout has begun
To reach for the sun

The stretch of life
And her love jones
Flesh bags dragging bones
Passed the groans
of needing loans
Over the mountains
of breeding judgement
Out the desserts
of mouthing
what if’s
toward victory
success of the whole garden

yet for now we toil
In the soil of ignorance
Imagining our collective aspiration
As we bask In differing
Indifferent agitations
Competing to be the first
to reach the light
While shading the other side

You ain’t woke
And I'm woke
cause I know you ain’t woke

Seems logically we
Inaccurately place
Desire to be great
Into baskets of hate
Only to end up mistaking
How things are broken
And furthering the braking
Why not awaken
Those not awoken

The hour glass is shaking
Father time has spoken
As fear keeps us taken
The easy road to a heavier load
Where goals stroll
Towards flossing gold
Instead of seeking
what cash can’t control
Since poverty takes a toll
we neglect the soul
and share painful infections
through disconnecting
then die to protect them

Lets heal us
Taking out the weeds
of concealing
Hanging love in the wind
When we share our feelings
And declare our needs
So despair recedes

Lets breathe
And give time a second
Letting the minutes of hours descend
Into meditative collections
Bleeding light on the days
We didn’t want the night to end

Let the salt of our tears
Season our dreams
As we revel in what rest gleans
With the intension to wake refreshed
A crisp sprout with two leaves
Ready for the next test
Lets progress

Beginnings of ends - Izeck

Sprout Sprite©®Ⓐ℗™
Rout Rite©®Ⓐ℗™
Bout bite
Out, Aight?
Shout shite
Grout bright
Clout kite
Drought dried
Trite trout
All about
Word noun’t
Crave kraut
Rave count
Get bount
Range route
Manged hound’t
Deranged browed
Can’t change, bowed
What a strange cloud
Why’d it get loud?
‘fraid I di’n’t frowned
Got turned upside downed
Flat earth isn’t round
Put me in the ground
Whadaya mean endowed?
That the horse and sow’d
Make it through the crowd
Kitty cat done meowed
Makeup puffed and powed
Made up rough and rowd’
What’s up Gruff & Proud?
Cheerio chowd’
Wedding vowed
I don’t know, how’d?
Me next
Been vexed

The Growth of a Yogi - Innamoriamo

We are seeds curled up, heads down.
We sprout as we sit up,
Tucking our roots between our knees.
Our bodies the stem,
Our face the beautiful flower.
We search out first with one root bunch
And then the other
Reaching in front of us.
We grow leaves, up, up.
Our hands blossom
and the blossoms drift down.
Each blossom will spread
Seeds anew in the heart of each of you.

Sprout - Levi Miners

Stretching out
I reach up and
Gather clouds
Cupping my hands
In cool spring mornings,
I let the tendrils
Slip away as I warm
My soul in the sun.
My body free,
Sprouts new shoots
Budding leaves and flowers
New growth-
A brighter paradigm.

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