#52 SOON

April 2nd, 2019


Immediately - Mim. Roeder

I’d just as soon say,
Which is to say,
But if you permit me,
I beg your pardon
Excuse me

The indelicacies
The aberrations
The embarrassments
The castigations
The flagellations
The penance of being


I’d just as soon say.
What I mean to say.
No, please allow me.
I beg your pardon
Excuse me

Lunar than Latter - Izeck

Hey mun, soon
Bay monsoon
Death's a boon
Assume on a Zune©®Ⓐ℗™
Rune in a Dune©®Ⓐ℗™
Groomed for Doom©®Ⓐ℗™
Nirvana©®Ⓐ℗™'s In Bloom©®Ⓐ℗™
Broom to swoon
All the way to the moon
Grown & grewn
Sewed too soon
Road too ruined
Room to flewed
Brood to Blūd
Crime©®Ⓐ℗™ to Clue©®Ⓐ℗™'d

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