March 26th, 2019


Bright - Levi Miners

Dancing freely
I spin, twisting
My body as if washing clean
In a splendor of morning rays

My spirit shines
To greet the day
And laugh in joy
This bright light shining

Makes my heart glad
At new prospects
Feeling fresh as spring grass
With my soul beholding glory

Whoops - Izeck

Too bright
To B Right
Too fright
To fight
2 freights
2 frigates
3 flights
Spinner fidgets
Finger digits
Getting rickets
Come on, hit this
Pants on, britches
Shirts on, can I fit this?
It’s on, skin tight ditches
Right wrong, whichizit?
Right left, ambidextrous
N’ SEW it, yeah, the compass
SEWN up now with Polaris
Smith and WES’N on the chorus
‘SWEN the druids at the Stonehenge
Then the fluids don’t quite hone ledge
Drip drop down and get yer head wet
Come on now I know you’ll take the bet
Trigger kept
Figure that
Can’t go back
That’s a wrap

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