March 5th, 2019


Order - Eric Chisler

They say in the old stories
It was god's great praises
that set the sky in place,
and the wide seas to motion.

His love of wilderness, Chaos
that put order to the world.

So it is in our lives
That when we hold dear
those passing glories of mystery
a divine hand orders our days.

When we speak sweet words
to wild longing cosmos align.

What’s in order? - Izeck

Order within which domain
Order or there’d be no game
Order food, bring here, proclaim
Order in the court when they hear my name
Order it online. Over a week???? Profane!!
Order should say James, alas, it’s Jame..
Order here
Order there
Order kinda everywhere
Order this
Order that
Order hors d'oeuvres for a cat
Order dogs to walk and run
Order dogs to not have fun
Order dogs to bite their tongue
Order over every Rover
Order on the cliffs of Dover
Order shamrocks, or were they clover?
Order it, it costs a quarter
Oh dear, order.

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