#49 LATE

February 19th, 2019


When The Bickering Never Ends - Lizanna Sandbach Fowler

"You're always late," he stiffly said.
"Why must you make me wait?"

"I told you twice. That we are dead.
You're late. I'm late. We're late."

Late - Dori Moura

The bloom is off the rose, they say,
the Golden Years in sight
The poet says to rage against
the dying of the light

But autumn brings an energy
a focus won with age,
A season facing forward still
with little use for rage

Are not the leaves of autumn filled
with crackling vibrancy?
Do not the poets sing the praise
of ripe maturity?

With lessons learned, regrets discerned,
the pipe dreams put away
The Golden Years are flaming bright.
It's late. Come out and play.

Take you time - Izeck

What time is it where?
What time is it when?
What time is it here?
What is time for a hen?
What is time for a hare?
What is time for a hibernating bear?
What is time in the moments that we share?
What is time when you find yourself laid bare?
What is time forced to sit upon a chair?
Take time making up my hair
Fake time messing up my hair
Jared never found it there
Julaine never had it fair
If you're old but not aware
If you're young & know not to care
Late with despair
Early eating a PEAR
What's under there?

Real Heartbreaker - Lowell E. Rhodes

It's late.
You should be on your way home
but instead you're still
sipping michelada,
slipping into the back yard
for another cigarette.
It's nothing personal
I just don't want to hold your hand.
So we hang our hearts around the bar cart
and pour our bourbon with bitters.
You say youve missed me
but white lies are sweet
when your tongue is plied with whiskey.

You're a liar darlin
real heartbreaker.

I hide behind another cup of Four Roses
because I'm not falling for you I swear.
I only like listening to your music
when we're drunk
and tasting the blood in your bite.
Both of us answer our phones after midnight,
both of us let the sweet talkers,
talk sweet.
I'm never sad when you leave.
So why do I wake up thinking about you
when the sunshine pours in?
I'm not catching feelings
I swear.
I'm not falling for you
when you curl up on the couch
and listen to my heart
beating like a machine gun.
I want to kill the loneliness,
the way we kill time in little filters.

I'm a liar darlin
but you
you're a
real heartbreaker.

You say you need me,
but you never see me tomorrow.
I'm your waste of space,
your last resort score
for a taste of sweet leaf.
I'm your easy prey
the kind of sap who
always keeps the lights
lit on the porch.
The kind of chump who falls for
a liar, darlin.
Real heartbreaker.

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