February 1st, 2019


Liquid Poetics - Natalie Francesca Windt

If blue’s color of communication,
then rigid thoughts; hail drops, a precise hurt.
Your lava tongue’s a fire hydration.
Liquid speak precipitates from the dirt.

And mermaids of words will write on the plain;
a swim through their aqueous abstract form.
Like water, condensed on a window pane,
dropping thoughts below from cerebral storm.

What then is the color of contention,
if structure’s thief of creativity?
Oh, for word mermaid’s lack of attention,
Give liquid poetics the gift of me.

Anxious writers of the world cloud around;
Give way to structure and make waves with sound.

Whater - Izeck

Cat melted in bowl
How deep is the hole?
How tall is the pole?
Will it kill that darn mole?
Was it stolen by Dole™®?
Will it try to cajole?
Holy, can save your soul?
Running pipes, running veins
Running hearts, what remains
Flowing fast flowing slow
Flowing places not to go
Glowing faces plowing vases
Clean your teeth or you'll need braces
Leaned the reef and now death races
Hockey rink, blade laces
Jockey sinks as his horse paces
Shrug, shrink, shade spaces
Whateryadoin'? I'm doing Hayche 2 Zero.

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