January 15th, 2019


TJ Belfiore

always carrying the same ol' pearl,
oh, the weight of your shoulders,
please queue the crying mothers,
who always felt that they were a bother,
and who always met me with a smile,
whether it's in the southside or by the nile.

Royal Teen - Izeck

Wean the queen off the obscene amount of gleaned bean
Pretending to have intervened a fiend with cleaned lean
A beam of a dream on a trampoline
Keepsake spleen
Because a mean Gein used Bleem! to play Red Dead Redeemed
Thinking about all the freeing we can do by getting rid of royalty being
Always feel like en-
-ough of me is genes
Duke wearing jeans
Them’s names is Jeans
Not spelled with G’s
Filled with glee
Can’t be free
With money,
Throw the key
No more power or authority
No royal titles positively
Buckingham Shelter sounds much more egalitary

Queen - Doghouse Reilly

He pukes outside of her car
and she says something like,
"Goddamn, I've missed you."
In Chico I think that counts as love.

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