#45 BOX

December 1st, 2018


"Things To Do With A Box" - Natalie Francesca Windt

Wear two as shoes.
Construct a Christmas Tree.
Build a fort, house, or cardboard mansion
(depending on your situation).
Package yourself inside, ship it anywhere else.
Cram that fucker full of your bad feelings.
Redefine social parameters; escape boxes society tries putting you in.
Conversely, comfortably slip into your neat, prepackaged self
—no one has time to care about what you do.
Don’t use the box as a sled, just use the sled the box was holding for you.
Don’t use any of those ugly emotions you keep stored in there, either.
Build yourself a romantic partner,
build yourself a friend.

But never forget,
no matter what you do with this life,
you wind up boxed away in the end.

This Box - Mim. Roder

Entombed in this limiting structure

Its appearance clearly visible

Yet barred from making contact

More like the couple in the cage

The exterior a performance of solidity

Suggestion of permanence and durability

Inside, tender from too much quiet play

Bent over precious trinkets

The littlest angel’s devotion to love

Spent and ignored, overlooked

Diminished duration of importance

Unable to open window or door

Nor permitted to stray too far

Punishment given for previous forays

Mirrors permanently covered with black cloths

Box - Levi Miners

I put my heart inside
Wrapping it in hopes,
Dreamstuffs and love.

Holding it out gently I
Watch as knives are thrust
Through and through,
My hands are impaled
And excruciating pain
Explodes in the void
Where I once kept me heart

Frantically I try to
Rip the knives back out
Of the box I had so carefully
Crafted, wrapping so tenderly
Inlaid with beauty
And wonder for the world-
Such a vibrant spectrum.

My hands are immobilised
and so I try to use my teeth
Gnashing against these steely handles
I cut deeper wounds in my struggles
And as the knives pull free
I weep in thankfulness
Tearing the beautiful box
I had so carefully bound together

It's ruins fall and
As I stuff my torn And lacerated heart
Into the void I had so foolishly created
I fall onto my back
Smashing my head into the ground
Stunning myself

I am unable to breathe and
In this instant
I realize I cannot sustain
My life and try to
Put my heart in a box.
I must first give that gift to myself.

Bandaging my bloody parts
As best I can
I struggle forward,
Seeking a way to love myself
First and best.
So that the love I share
Radiates an elemental light
And is not cut off or segmented
From any other aspect of my being.

Dimensional - Izeck

A square gets trapped in a box
A cube trapped in a tesseract must be other dimensionally depressing
Drop it all down to 0D and you’ll see the point
One draws a 1D analog for a segment but it’s on the line and could be considered just a part
Math created structure, can you still see the art?
Thought out limitations, expressed in human animal marks.
What have we created, or discovered, or summoned up?
Accounting for our sins, our debts, our crimes.
Clowns, surprise, pantomimes
Bit O’ Magic
Fidget Spinners
Chicken Dinners
Lottery Winners
We get digits, give Zeroes, want 100s, need near noes
10 fingers - 10 toes, imaginary subjective intelligence, collective imaginary physical worth, nutrition & exercise
Luckily we’re trapped in bodies and more need to think outside ourselves than anything else

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