#44 DAWN

Nov 18, 2018


I Awoke in the Dawn - Mim. Ology

She rose
The thought
Stirred deep
Pushing on her insides
Rumbling slow

She spoke

I dreamt of nothing in the night
and wished for it and everything else to go away
while I breathed my last fresh air
unknown to me that morning in the light
it was just smoke
a cloud at first ignored
by my recitations
of the day’s pontifications
hopes for bonding rectification
knowing of the connection to nature
all things old and new
the ideals of man presented
the grim realities of our existences
too weighty to bare
under normal circumstances
buffered by ancient glories
orientalistic supremacies of time
knowledge passed down
through scores of generations
heralding masses of cows too holy to eat
golden grains exchanged in markets not unlike those today
where women are lucky to live
and men too numerous to emasculate
we drew in the air
sadly reconciled that the warmth of the earth
would bother us and threaten our lives
hopes for invested returns
disruptions granted ease and grace
led to confused and shocked dismissals
fear twinkled eyes still unaware of
the storms of destruction
embedded in only our dreams
fantasies of hiding under bridges
or running to showers
impatience with the discourteousness
and reminders to call out to women possibly known
while pop songs played their beats of unrequited love a
skies triggering memories of deathly storms
on bleached blonde plains
a rush to home through orchards dropping fall leaves
and then the terrifying hours and hours
the stories trickling in
about the horrors
the mindless cleaning
should I need to leave the house to ruin
should I water the yard the roof the house
should I grab my deed my pink slips
my identifications
my jewelry box
my cats my cats oh god the snake
the dishes must be done
the floor must be mopped
the sky is terrifying
the stories grow and grow
like fire consuming us all
taking the breath of life
from us while we struggle
to find the right thing to do
does it save us
do I say goodbye to all
that I love and know and hope to be
who will remember me when I am gone
who will care if I tried or not
that one has children to care for
and the one has career
me I am just alone here sucking air
desperately trying to figure out where to go
what to do
as it does the base bleeds through
leaving me impaled to whatever seems
like the one true way
and then and then
and then again
I’m here
I’ve not been in danger
I’m guilty for the shame I feel
for realizing I have a choice
and what I choose is base and bland
shame sets in
I reach out how can I help what can I do
please absolve me of the sins of having not lost
anything but my mind
my shame spurs well of love and compassion
by recognizing it in them
wanting to care for the we in them
knowing I am not qualified
to do anything
or even take care of myself
but don’t tell the cats
so I break my shell
cast seed to wind
try to land in the best place
for growth
though finding purchase
no water or light brought growth
so I returned and found comfort
in the small controls of caring
for that which was the basis of this new shame
realizing too that this storm
this torrential growth
out-welling of pain and chaos
offered opportunities yet unseen in their full complexities
like sun retreated from view
but sure to return if found
I awoke in the dawn

Dawn - Reed Rickmers

if you're quiet
you can hear the Darkness listening
waiting for the Light to speak
this is the oldest story ever told
perhaps the only
we find it in the disheveled bedroom
of Order and Chaos
churning, surging, burning
from a chill so intense
it instills embers
that arise from the battlefield
of the Love that exists
between the Nothing and the Hope
from within that maelstrom
of passions urgent abandon
there is birthed a Song
a harmony of Voices
and into the eyes of Night
Dawn emerges

DAWN - Julia Murphy

As in: Up with the.
A teacher, whether newly minted or hoary veteran
Subscribes to this,
and other trusty tools and truisms.

Because November is now August, watering.
Because watering, witnessing
as a bruise slid across the sky
becomes the sky

Come, Husband; come, mother, come look--
what new fuckery is this?

Fire, husband says.
Calls are made and taken.
Come take refuge, and
Please sub for me: my house is on fire.

Young people on their phones.
We watch around the news and break
into new groups.

We break into new groups. When the gathering at the rich high school:
young people are electric, most smiling, some weeping.
They are electric. The din and eddy of what must be thousands of new bodies. Still deeply tribal, yet understanding that this is new, there are new ways we must be now.

They must span now: before and after. In full cognizance.
They dwell in the house of tomorrow, which we cannot visit,
not even in our dreams.

In the filthy dawn's light, the house of tomorrow is built of flames

Solaire - Natalie Windt

The sun doesn’t know empathy;
agreeing to shine on
and to be another’s dawn,
letting dusk settle in our hearts.

The sun only knows how to exist
to persevere and to resist
a temptation to burn out.

Somewhere is where it remains, illumin
lighting up a moons illusions
mirroring my fragile beliefs.

I am not the sun, or moon
I’m only human, finding I can't
hide my hue when
darkness has befallen me.

Amanecer - Kate Wright

To dive with you through the weight of the sea
Beneath dark palm of chandelier’s cupped hand
Stirring with limbs the brine that chills to bone
Float in suspension of meaning, time and place
Returning for air to rest in fog on perfumed sand

I wanted to swim with you between the dusk and dawn
through yellowing lily pads beneath the bridge,
the autumn leaves scattering
burnt orange brown through grid of city streets
a season of release comes into its own,
each gesture repeats, each fleeting

Wooden footpath lined with unlit lamps winds along the bay
Dunes constantly kissed by winds come in to form and retreat.
Stars twinkling morse code, throwing yarrow sticks
broken and unbroken lines of light,
asking, as if in a dream,
“Pebble, seems Mountain too heavy?
She has both dragons and treasure to bear...”

I wanted to take you home
I wanted to tuck in the horizon behind the trees
I wanted to tell you, “In the spring,
this is where the marigolds and the lupine meet.”

It’s simply worth remembering such phenomena exists,
the ephemeral floral dance of colour,
just for a chance to catch a glimpse

next time.

Paradise Lost for Now - Christopher Barry

Dawn has approached
and passed, wildfire has Paradise burning to the ground like credence for-
me it came out of the sky
making a southbound right
onto Mangrove rolling up
on me- the whole world

Dawn - Dori Moura

Dawn of an orange day

Eyes stinging open, soot and sadness
Talking heads try to sum up the madness

Past and future suspended in smoke
Smell the unspeakable, try not to choke

Tentative truce from words that divide
A torrent of goods and of goodness inside

Wonder again what it means to survive
Breathing in dawn through an N95

Dawn.. - Izeck

Glad I bought that charger for the phone for the kidses subbing
Chico concert
Couch crashed
Uber hailing
Smooth sailing
Why’s the sky so so pailing?
Bailing, “Have a good dayling”
Kids complaining
I’m explaining
Roomie raining
No one shaming
Lunch time leaving
Eyes be fleeting
Fire deleting
Animals bleating
“Apocalypse Now”
“Is the cat OK?”
“I don’t know but I hope so, kid”
Subbed teacher glances down
The long dawn of a new day

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