#43 MASK

Oct 31, 2018


Mask - Mim. Ology

I cover my face
To hide the shame
To challenge the light
And my ability to see
It binds me to my faith
Perhaps I’ll be free
From judgment
Of my existence
Self-imposed but
Sourced in curricula

I don this façade
To shield my remorse
To welcome the dark
Unavoidable blindness
Relinquishing ideals
I know I am bound
To acceptance
Of dematerialization
Ubiquitous yet
Remaining unpublished

Last Rites - Lizanne Sandbach Fowler

A difficult child born
of a difficult child.
Thirty-three years wasted
in strife and now
one of them is sick.

For a time,
there is communion.
Together in retreat,
the mother lays
gauze and plaster over the face
of her daughter
and it dries in her image.

A death mask fashioned in fading life
hangs on the wall
of an empty bedroom.

Every day will be a penance.

Tasked Mask - Izeck

Tear that mask off from the chin
Rip the skin for the sin
No one ever really wins
Throw that skin mask in the bin

Verger’s mask: “Try peeling off your face”
Make it sting, like a can of mace
Don’t leave a trace, give to the canine race
Place a dis- in front of -grace

Snatch that mask down from your forehead
Along with your crown and guillotine for the dead
Lose your frown, make it hard to be said
Dripping down blood red and bled

Take the mask off, ear to ear
Don’t you think to shed a tear
You know you’ll never get out of here
Queer deer fear beer derrièrear

Mask off from the middle, pull the nose
Fit as a fiddle, I don’t suppose
If you take it off, back it grows
Who you were, no one knows

Roll the mask back from the mouth
Strip it off North, East, West, South
Snacks for rats or maybe mouse
Never get found out by House

Use the mask for many a task
Sometimes use the mask to bask
Similar to a board that’s waxed
Never feel like a fax

Funny Mask, name was Carrey
And the chick from “Something about Mary”
Kindergarten, Misses Schwery
Memories from masks to bury
Slip it on and show a fury
Gonna need another jury
Mug ain’t trustworthy to query
Getting eyes, jeery and dreary

Leave unmasked - Kate Wright

Do not wrap departing in promises
cursing tomorrow with burdens from today
While memories linger clearly
Of what makes no move to stay
when this vessel of flesh, empty of contentment
masked with smile, loses stillness
waste no sigh in eager recollection
How minutes of the day became elevated
When dappled with joy the otherwise mundane
Olive skinned, copper scarred,
freckled shoulders, cheeks
How beating wings of starling murmuration
Seemed divine extension of limb and breath entwined
Just cupping palm stirs memory
with worried brow grinds teeth
in the hollow of her hand
a pinch of salt
a mountain peak

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