June 4, 2018


Tender – Tj Belfiore

when it's over; it's really done,
you take the bullets out of your tommy gun,
and just for fun,
we pretend the moon is the sun,
and smoke the night away.

Some Things – David Lyon

It’s how she said her heart was
one of the biggest small words that echoes
massive, unfolding in my mind more with each day
I know now well that I can’t be friends with everybody
But its a thing that I have to remind myself of often
mathematics teaches us to make use of Limits of Integration
We’ll tessellate like the stars we broke down under
I was like a child then, but that doesn’t matter
I still am now, what use is it?
I only want to make words into beach balls
and cotton candy, and weather balloons
hers were like ice screws, like dock cleats,
when I hold the nest to my face and blow on the coal
I ask this magnanimous bundle
with the humility that I cannot hold for other’s
to let it’s light
and its really funny, you know?
How everything is and does
If I let it, I’ll forever believe
that I’m not disciplined or practiced enough
to close my eyes and seize it
If life’s a river, I’m in a kayak
can get knocked around, or I can paddle, choosing lines
either way, I’ll end up where I’m going
I’m just working my ass off, it’s a dangerous thing
I’ll sometimes lose sight of why I’m working
and won’t share anything with others
convolve my messages and tangle up in my heart strings
you’ve touched me so deeply, it’s like you decided it so perfectly
that I forget I’m fretless
it’s all a great reason to clip my fingernails.

Tender – Dori Moura

I believe I could kill a person.
I don't have anyone in mind.
Truth is, it could be anyone
A drinking buddy
That nameless tweaker
My oldest friend
They could all do something that pushes me too goddam far
or leaves me no choice.

I don't have a weapon.
My heart is tender.
But gravity has lowered the bar.
I've peeled back the wallpaper of civilization
and I know what I saw.

I won't hurt you if you don't hurt me.
So why take the chance?

Braiding Mercies – Eric Chisler

As a mighty oak presses against the vastness of sky
Or a cloud leans heavy with rain upon unyielding earth
So, too, must we tend to each other's beating hearts.

For all true power starts as the delicate tendril of an acorn
The fiercest storm first rises from a single drop of dew
And the greatest love begins as a soft and uncertain gaze.

Because tenderness and strength are not opposing elements
But a sacred marriage born by and bearing all worlds
They are holy headwaters at whose confluence we prostrate

Perhaps this confusion is the great trouble of our age
That we have forgotten the vows we rode down with
No longer do our prayers draw their potency from the Mercies.

Maybe this, now, is the great task at hand for each of us:
To braid such grace into the blessed fullness of our days
And bind again our humaness to the Wheel of All Life.

Tender Tanka – Izeck Hempseed

Tender, like the Fall leaf falling down from a tree, Graciously fading, Green, red, yellow to brown hues, Changing like the tender heart

Meowmix 42 – Cj Lamkin

This here is
the tender
legislatively so

Ill send my
slender tender
and watch it

Im a rich
man you see
and this
is green

this is
white mans
and this tenders
for me.

Yes you are right
I have succumbed
to corporate greed.

Its ok, ill live
as long as I

Tender Is My Love For You – Mim. Roeder

Tender is my love for you
Let me be what you need from me
Held within these bristly cloaks
Imprisoned in solitude
Come shed your loneliness
Our hearts in twin beats

Tender is my body for you
Let me be what you need from me
Share your skin and hairs
Meet muscle and bone
Caresses of chest, buttock, shin
Shoulder, belly, and spine

Tender is my heart for you
Let me be what you need from me
Soft whispers in ears, encouragement
Lips brushed against neck
Pulsing gazes and electric touch
Our sweet salty perfumes

Tender is my mind for you
Let me be what you need from me
I see you there, looking at me.
Looking at me.

(I too wonder if you see me. I see you move through time and space and dream of conversations we might never have. I subconsciously read every muscle and stance and gesture, and if receptive, mirror you. And like the mirror’s figure’s gaze, I see you only as reflection; the objective truth I’ll never see. Sometimes I see you and read your pain, your isolation and barricaded vulnerability. I play with your thoughts then, darting and searching for entry, cajoling or challenging – whatever brings sparkles to your eyes, or perhaps some serene reminders, a ray of sun in the storm, to bring us together in thought if only for a moment)

Let me be what you need
Tender is our love

Tender – Levi Miners

A warm kiss
Soft as the breeze and

My heart sings
A gentle love song

As my soul lifts
Out of my tingling body.

Drifting along,
My whole heart is in your hands.

Your tender lips:
Imploding vortex, nirvana

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